Dooley is a Joke, Repeatedly Spearheaded Efforts to Try to Give Driver’s Licenses to Illegals


by Lonnie Brennan – Publisher, The Boston Broadside

MASSACHUSETTS – When St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, some of them managed their way to America and took up seats in the state legislature. Barf bag alert:  9th Norfolk ‘Republican’ Representative Shawn Dooley announced that he is running for chair of the Republican Party. Ah, yeah, THAT Shawn Dooley. Cue the hissing.

For those unfamiliar with the constantly smiling pol, he’s attempted not once, but twice now to spearhead legislative approval to give driver’s licenses to illegals.

Yes, in the 2017-2018 House session, the so-called Republican rep. co-sponsored Bill H.3419 along with ultra-liberal Democrat Tricia Farley Bouvier (D-Pittsfield) in an attempt to force the government to issue “Driver Privilege Cards for Undocumented Residents of the Commonwealth.”

Failing to get special license privileges to make Massachusetts  more of a magnet for illegals, Dooley again attempted with Bill H.3000 in 2019, this time with liberal Democrat Senator Rebecca L. Rausch acting as his co-sponsor.

Dooley is not just dangerous to taxpayers, but has mixed votes on so many issues, seemingly voting conservative on some high-profile bills, then sliding in ultra-left votes on nearly invisible actions that have long-term ill effects. Similarly, beware of any actions he would take should he ascend to chair of MassGOP.

One Reply to “Dooley is a Joke, Repeatedly Spearheaded Efforts to Try to Give Driver’s Licenses to Illegals

  1. More attention is paid to illegal aliens by our state and Federal officials than to working class families. In recent months we see on the news that the Massachusetts National Guard gives free food to people in mostly sanctuary cities. No such assistance for working class citizens. With so many of our citizens preoccupied with apathy, i-phones and indifference, these sleazy politicians feel comfortable in abandoning citizens in favor of others.

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