24 Towns and Growing? THE LIST – Mass. Governor Puts 1,200+ Illegal Families in Motels/Hotels at Taxpayer Expense

by Lonnie Brennan

HYANNIS – As widely discussed by Republican State. Rep. Peter Durant on the Howie Carr radio show, and then further detailed by Holly Robichaud on the Ed Lambert radio show on WXTK Cape Cod today, radical Democrat Mass. Gov. Maura ‘Hold-It’ Healey is stuffing as many illegals into as many communities as she can, using all available housing methods.

Healey filled a military base – Joint Base Cape Cod – to over-capacity, as the townhouses and other housing units were all given to house and provide free meals to illegal aliens, according to reports.

Healey also has the taxpayers paying for at least 3,900 illegals who are getting free meals, groceries, and housing in hotels and motels across the state, now in 24 communities, and that number is growing.

These placements are not temporary: according to Robichaud, the Healey administration has been cagey about details, but it’s believed at least one now former hotel in Taunton signed a 10-year lease to provide full capacity to illegals, at stiff prices.

Massachusetts is expected to exceed 1 million illegals by the end of Healey’s first year in office, and with public housing waiting lists for elderly life-long Massachusetts residents typical exceeding 2, 3, 5 years in some places, as Lambert noted, Healey is now turning on the heat to find and fill hotels and motels.

The state housed 15 families in hotels in 2022 Lambert noted. The most recent number for this years is at least 1,200 families in hotels and motels, well exceeding 3,900 illegal men, women, young adults, and children.  Numbers in public housing, section 8 housing, shelters and other alternative housing is not included in the 3,900+ now living in hotels/motels.

The 24 towns Ed Lambert and Holly Robichaud discussed include:



In addition to providing free housing, hot meals, groceries/spending money, etc., Lambert and his callers discussed the coming tidal wave of illegal children who will be enrolling in local schools. Stiff increases in Massachusetts property taxes are anticipated.

Lambert cautioned that these 24 towns released through Durant’s efforts to pry them out of the “so-called transparent administration… which refuses to say how much they’re spending on illegals” could be just the tip of the iceberg. As one caller noted, there’s still a lot of cities/towns with hotels/motels that are most likely being approached or have been approached as we speak. Lambert read the list twice, and noted the vast expanse left for Healey, particularly in Central/Western Mass.  – not just the Cape and not just the East cities, to continue to stuff illegals into the state.

A decade ago under then Gov. Deval Patrick, Massachusetts was spending in excess of $2 billion per year on illegals (according to the Patrick administration). Robichaud suggested the costs for just the new arrivals that Gov. Healey is stuffing into every corner of Massachusetts could make that amount insignificant by comparison.



2 Replies to “24 Towns and Growing? THE LIST – Mass. Governor Puts 1,200+ Illegal Families in Motels/Hotels at Taxpayer Expense

  1. I noticed Framingham isn’t mentioned because Framingham has been saturated by at least 10,000 Illegal Brazilians comfortably working here without any fight to expel them..
    The City Council, and the Schools have been throughly indoctrinated to do everything to give these unlawful and illegal people the keys to the City…even though Federal Law through its Aiding and abetting statutes are still enforceable and on the books, these laws are just ignored..The Schools probably spend at least 80 million dollars to deal with the illegal alien Children through special English courses, bilingual teaches, books and basically free everything..The most corrupt service provided are the ADULT ESL courses provided to basically mostly the Brazilian PARENTS who are here unlawfully and illegally….and again in violation of Federal Law but ignored by our corrupt City and school people.. ironically, these courses entail for some how to become US Citizens, which most can’t do anyway because they are here without permission of the Government….but don’t tell them that because their foundation for Citizenship entails false documents, licenses, and fake Social Security cards…makes a great basis for a foundation for Citizenship consisting of Criminality but of course ignored…

  2. It is in todays Boston Herald as to how the state Democratic leadership in the Mass House rejected a help package for farmers devestated in western Mass from recent floods. Plently of money though to take care of illegal aliens. Not a penny for hardworking American farmers in this state. Healey had her photo op with the flood victims the other day. Then it was off to another trip for her. Sad as to how the working class in this state has ceded political power to uncaring elitists.

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