Boston Mayor Marty Walsh Putting All Students at Risk



Boston Mayor Marty Walsh
Putting All Students at Risk


by Adam Lange

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is the very worst type of politician, even by Massachusetts’ standards which are typically low. Most all of us have learned to live with the virtue signaling and associated loss of freedoms proposed by liberal activists, but we still expect some resemblance of order and public safety be maintained by our public officials. Not with Marty. His latest statements concerning the shielding of “immigrant” students from federal immigration law enforcement is chilling, and puts all students at risk.

Walsh stated recently, “BPS does not share information with federal authorities; our job is to make sure kids feel safe … .” I suspect the only kids that feel safe are the illegal aliens that were arrested at school for assault and now know they will never be held fully accountable. The safety of student and teacher victims apparently is of lesser concern to Mayor Walsh. He probably considers them collateral damage along the road to diversity. The sheer fact that we have illegal aliens assaulting students in Boston public schools is more evidence of Mayor Walsh’s failed Boston sanctuary policy. But Marty’s lawless reign of terror doesn’t end at the school yard.

We have known for years that sanctuary Boston has become the illegal alien drug distribution hub for New England. This was statistically confirmed when the Boston Regional Intelligence Center (BRIC), a Boston police division, released the 2016 Heroin Overdose Report. It found that Dominican foreign national gangs dominate heroin distribution in and around Boston. But wait, it gets better. The report also found that the drug-trafficking, Dominican illegal aliens often used fake Puerto Rican birth certificates to obtain Massachusetts identification documents. Please, don’t let this destroy your faith in the RMV. They’ve been working overtime, literally, to maintain the highest standards of public safety in partnership with sanctuary Boston.

The saddest part of Marty’s lawless sanctuary is the six people a day who lose their lives in Massachusetts, alone. This opioid death rate is two-fold higher than the national rate, and doesn’t end at the state line. Public officials from both New Hampshire and Maine have both identified Massachusetts as the pipeline that fuels their states’ opioid epidemic, and have pleaded with the commonwealth to restore order.

So what’s the solution? With an estimated 270,000 illegal aliens running around Massachusetts today, where should we focus?

In my sleepy community of Cape Cod, we have spirited debates on how best to maintain public safety while respecting the rights of both the citizens and illegal immigrants that call Cape Cod home.
I think we have found a healthy balance of community policing that avoids a focus on immigration enforcement, but responds when needed.

Our Barnstable County Sheriff’s 287g Program checks all prisoners booked into the Barnstable County Corrections Facility for immigration violations. This is known as the jail model, and has resulted in 79 criminal illegal immigrants being removed from our community in 2018, and 102 last year.

For those like Mayor Walsh who put their ideology above the law and oppose the job our sheriff does for their own political gain, I want to remind them of just some of the criminal predators that have victimized Cape Codders, and then were subsequently removed via our 287(g) agreement in 2018:

January – 20-year-old male of El Salvador. Rape of a child. 3 counts.

February – 39-year-old male of China. Sexual conduct for fee. Conspiracy.

March – 20-year-old male of Jamaica. Sexual intercourse with a minor.

April – 30-year-old male of El Salvador. Rape of a child. Indecent assault & battery on a child under 14.

May – 19-year-old male of Jamaica. Rape of a child.

June – 39-year-old male from El Salvador. Rape of a child; 41-year-old male of Dominican Republic. Rape; 57-year-old male of Brazil. Rape.

July – 21-year-old male of El Salvador. Indecent assault & battery on a child under 14. 3 counts; 32-year-old male of Cape Verde. Armed assault to murder.

August – 41-year-old  male of El Salvador. Assault to murder; 31-year-old of Jamaica. Armed assault to murder; 54-year-old male of Sicily. Lewd & lascivious conduct with a child. Sexual assault.

October – 47-year-old male of Jamaica. Rape. Kidnapping. Assault to rape.

November – 33-year-old male of Jamaica. Rape of a child; 19-year-old male of Jamaica. Rape of a child.

These violent illegal aliens won’t be given the opportunity to victimize our community again, because our Barnstable County sheriff has teamed with ICE and enforced the law. Job well done.

I ask that elected officials like Mayor Walsh, who continue to oppose enforcement of our immigration laws, consider each victim and the victim’s family and friends when arguing to provide a sanctuary for violent, criminal illegal aliens.

The author is a candidate for Cape & Islands Republican state committeeman.


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  1. Mayor Walsh is playing to his new audience of high rent faux “progressives”. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, Boston has undergone a rapid change in the past decade. The Boston City Council is now dominated by leftists who like to give speeches and offer no answers. Few of the ethnic moderate Democrats who dominated the City Council for a century or more are elected anymore. Once working class and relatively safe ethnic neighborhoods are today high rent sections where the working class are priced out. Elections for the City Council that saw 60 to 70 percent voter turnout 35 or 40 years ago now see under 20% voter turnout. Everywhere faux “progressives” dominate, the working class and poor are priced out of their longtime neighborhoods. Walsh is a phony. With the high rent faux “progressives” turning city neighborhoods into rich only zones, Walsh himself will have a difficult time running against the carpetbagger leftists who have just about conquered Boston politics today.

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