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A few of the articles in our February 2020 printed edition, mailing now to readers in 38 states and the District of Columbia (D.C.) – with more national news and New England News being added in March!!!



·    Squealing for Pork! Mass. FY2020 House Budget Amendments – It’s Just Money … No Debate Necessary – Part 7 Pork Spending by Ted Tripp

·    Boston Mayor Marty Walsh Putting All Students at Risk – by Adam Lange

·    Petition Seeks to Ban GOP from Pepperell (SERIOUSLY!) by Dennis Galvin

·    Once Again, Massachusetts and Rhode Island an Embarrasment to the Nation – by Ted Tripp

·    Newton’s Anti-Jewish Curriculumn Scandal Makes it to the Pages of The New York Times – by Americans for Peace and Tolerance

·    Exposing ‘Transportation for Massachusetts’ (First in a series about organizations in Massachusetts which purport to make your life better or solve some problem, but in fact have an agend to separate you from your money) – by Ted Tripp

·    Mom Asks DCF for Parenting Help with One Child, They Take and harm All Three – by Kevin Hall

·    There are Cars and Then There are Electric Cars – by Ted Tripp

·    Remember When Being a Democrat Meant Something Special – by Sal Giarratani

·    Senator Elizabeth Warren Wins Silver Medal (a joke)

·    A Weak Republican Party Has Enabled the Liberal Left – by Mary Lou Daxland

·    Political Patronage Patriots – by John DiMascio

·    MassGOP Spending 96% of Fund on ‘Overhead’ Was Criminal – by Steve Tougas



·    Nashua, N.H. Democrat State Representatives Have Gone Ape – by Di Lothrop

·    Meet Wilfred’s Barber Shop in Nashua, N.H.



·    Baker Proposes $100 Million Increase in Ride-Hailing Fees – by Matt Murphy

·    Legislators Seek to Tax Home Sales – excerpts from story by Katie Lanan

·    Republican Minority Shrinks

·    Vehicle Repari Question Opponents – Funding $500,000 Ad Campaign by Matt Murphy

·    Rockport Police Now Exempt from Civil Service Law

·    Rep. Ted Speliotis of Danvers Designates Park in Winthrop for Speaker DeLeo

·    Sick Leave Bank Notes (takes an act of the legislator, and at least 7 votes, to grant spacial sick leave to certain government employees – sure seems like a lot are getting these special sick leave banks set up for them….)


·    Proposed ‘Cap and Invest’ Will Increase Fuel Prices for Mainers – TCI = ‘Environmental Rackettering’ by Lonnie Brennan



·    Handgun Trigger Pull – notes – by Paul Young, owner, Rather Be Shooting (

·    Terror in the Cradle of Liberty: How Boston Became a Center for Islamic Extremism – Atty. Robert Snider

·    Gifts of the Democrats – Warren P. Russo

·    Lawlessness Seems to be Taking Over in Our Country – by Blossom Stiefel

·    Constitutional Snippets: Article III -0 The Judiciary – by Catherine White

·    How to Be a New Englander (fun column) by Warren P. Russo (USN-ret)

·    Boston – Not Settled Science – Helped Lasso the Commet’s Tail – by David Nabhan


·    MICHELLE MALKIN – Illegal Immigrant Caravans and Criminal Catholics

·    ANN COULTER – Impeachment Week: It’s OK to be Bored; Not OK to be White

·    PATRICK J. BUCHANAN – Hillary Puts Bernie Into Her Basket of Deplorables

·    JOHN STOSSELL – Everything on Demand

·    BETSY McCAUGHEY – Dems Smear Trump: ‘Impeached for Life’

·    WALTER E. WILLIAMS – Diversity and Inclusion Insanity


·    Let’s Make Massachusetts Great Again: Vote Trump, Vote for Endorsed Candidates for State Committee – by Lonnie Brennan


There are plenty of extremist liberal-socialist anti-Trump media outlets in New England. This is not one of them.


We print what the Trump-bashing media

doesn’t care to print,

or doesn’t dare to print.


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  1. You earlier did an article for Garcia Pauline. Will she get away wi h murder. In a hedius kangaroo court in Woburn. After admitting she murdered my son. She got 9and a half years. Ther was also her freind who took the Stan said she killed him. Our prime witnes dieda week before the tirial. Although that was bad we still should have gotten at least murder2. The judge said it was just an argument gone bad. So what he is saying is if you have an argument it’s ok to shoot someone. Interesting.

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