Governor Charlie Baker: Take Note!
Six Actions to Address the
Illegal Immigrant Problem

by Ted Tripp
Political Reporter
Published Feb. 2, 2015

Even though we are over 1500 miles from the Mexican border, Massachusetts is the eighth most sought after destination for illegal immigrants, according to the government’s own data. Obviously, this has something to do with our generous social, welfare and educational programs in combination with our policy of not asking people if they are citizens or even here legally. According to state Representative Jim Lyons, illegal aliens are costing the state (taxpayers) at least $1.9 billion annually and cities and towns are spending millions more in educational costs.

Jessica Vaughan, Director of Policy Studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, has developed a six-point plan for the new governor to finally take some action on this problem:

1. Mandate by executive order that all state agencies, contractors and grantees use E-verify and the Social Security Number Verification Service to ensure that all these workers are citizens or here legally. Other governors, including former Governor Carcieri of Rhode Island, have already implemented such action. Governor Baker should then encourage the Legislature to pass legislation with similar requirements for all employers in the state.

2. Clean house at the Registry. Require the new management team to implement the law preventing unlicensed drivers from registering their vehicles. Bring the state into compliance with the federal REAL ID law so that our citizens will be able to use their licenses for federal purposes like boarding airplanes.
3. Direct state agencies to only provide those benefits to illegal aliens where they are required to by federal law. For instance, illegal aliens should not be receiving public housing assistance, subsidized child care, professional licenses, etc.

4. Make sure that all law enforcement agencies – including the State Police, the state prison system, the probation department and the parole system – cooperate with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Issue an opinion that all law enforcement agencies in the state are authorized and encouraged to cooperate with ICE, including complying with ICE requests to take custody of illegal aliens for deportation.

5. Assist cities and towns struggling with the influx of unaccompanied minors by demanding that the Department of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services first notify the state and offer the right of refusal before such illegal aliens are resettled in Massachusetts. Also, request that the state be formally notified by ICE when any illegal aliens are released from custody within the state. Work with the Massachusetts congressional delegation to request/demand that federal funds be allocated to those cities/towns which have experienced significant educational and healthcare costs as a result of the resettlement of illegal aliens.

6. Have Massachusetts join the lawsuit that 26 states have now signed onto that seeks to block the president’s executive actions altering the immigration laws. If the governor doesn’t want to join the suit, he should at least speak out against Attorney General Maura Healy’s participation in the competing suit, in which 11 AGs have sought to stop the 26 states. The governor should not allow Maura Healy to claim she represents Massachusetts on this issue.

There is a lot of tough love in this plan and you have to wonder if Charlie is up to the task. On the other hand, the problem will only continue to get worse and cities like Lynn will suffer more and more unless Charlie is willing to take a stand and discourage illegal immigrants from coming here.
We now have the plan. Does the new administration have the courage to implement it?




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