Testimony Against Making Massachusetts a Sanctuary State – Kevin J. McNamara

Kevin J McNamara

US Army 1968 – 1970

Vietnam Veteran

1969 to 1970  Serving in Phu Lai & Lai Khe better known as Rocket Valley

I was assigned to the Vietnamese 25th Infantry Advisory Team in the division of communications. The first day at Lai Khe, we received a major rocket barrage. Over the next several months the Viet Cong tried to breach our security lines. At times it was extremely bad. A very good friend of mine was shot. He did survive and was able to go back to the states.

I spent many a frightening night in a foxhole wondering if I would ever make it back home.

As a soldier we had a mission; it was to restore order and keep the rule of law. This was well known by the communists

Looking back, I am so proud of my military service.

Later, in my own country, the USA, I can’t believe that our elected politicians are skirting and changing our laws making Sanctuary Cities and now states a way of life.

Look at the nightly news. It doesn’t work when you disrupt law and order, in fact, making laws that obstruct justice. When you consider things like that, and I reflect on the rocket barrage I constantly endured, I ask myself: All that sacrifice to keep Americans safe will now be compromised by laws that protect illegal immigrants who commit a crime.

My military service taught me many things. One was common sense and the rule of law.

This considered law is anarchy and the opposite of common sense, and subverts the current law and oath of office for many of our protectors.

If ordinary citizens were made aware of this law and the resulting consequences on safety and finances, they would reject it strongly.

As a military veteran, I was proud to serve my country, to effectively carry out my oath of office.

However, I am very worried about the behavior of politicians in this day and age.

I am worried about your thinking and how it affects our current military, knowing that they are in harm’s way only to have those efforts diminished by laws that encourage illegals who commit crimes to go free. What are we fighting for?

Let me be clear. I am not against immigration, legal immigration. I am not for protecting illegals who commit a crime and then get harbored by some of these mayors that subvert the efforts of their own police departments – Somerville, Boston, Cambridge.

We are getting better control at the borders.

Thank God for our police, ICE and security services that are working to keep our country safe.

The border intrusion is still a mess and our current national politicians have done nothing to correct it.

Making Massachusetts a Sanctuary State only exacerbates and encourages illegals who commit a crime to settle here. That will not make our state safe.

The men and women who took the oath to protect the security of the United States knew exactly what this oath meant, to protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic.

Sanctuary status absolutely contradicts that oath and demeans the very fabric of that oath.

To me, it is insane to fight in foreign wars to maintain their sovereignty and security, while at home politicians want us to look the other way and allow criminals here illegally a safe haven.

Given the attitude of our politicians today, I am not sure I would encourage my kids or grandkids to join the military as I did with pride, because laws like this subvert that pride.

Please, do not make a law that replaces laws currently on the books and that have served this country well for many years. The military and first responders can keep us safe. Do not compromise their morale and oath of office.

Thank you.

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