The Herald Needs to Get their Hearing Checked – TALE OF TWO RALLIES


Herald Needs to Get their Hearing Checked

Perhaps there was a mixup in the cut and paste department at the Boston Herald and they mixed up stories about the unruly, at times vulgar pro-Palestinian students disgracing area college campuses with the impressively civilized mammoth-sized crowd that turned out for a pro-veteran rally in front of the statehouse Saturday.

The group, which was in the hundreds, if not thousands, were acting on the invasion of immigrants in Massachusetts and the country.

The final straw behind the rally was a defeated bill — which WRKO radio talk show host coined “The Final Betrayal” — that would have put veterans before immigrants at state-run shelters.

No brainer, right! But not to state Democrats.

All walks of life, from 30-something year old dental assistants to 78-year old Vietnam vets turned out for the rally. The very patriotic group prayed together, promised to help a homeless vet in Lawrence, sang God Bless America, chanted USA, and for just a few short seconds had a little fun with a well-known chant against current President Joe Biden and Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr using the “F” word. To put it into perspective, out of the more than two-hour rally, the “F” comments occupied about 30 seconds of the entire event.

For that, the Boston Herald labeled the event a “profanity-laced rally.”

Very different from the paper’s April 25 headline “Emerson College protests arrests divide along public safety vs. political lines.” Anyone at that protests, were treated to the deafening chants “Fuck Zionists.” The group also adopted the hashtag #FuckIsrael” which they proudly post all over social media.

Perhaps the newspaper needs to get its hearing checked, because it didn’t report anything about the profanity-laced protests anywhere in any of its coverage of the anti-Semitic protests by the spoiled brats students who are just mad because Jewish people don’t need their student loans paid back, since they are a successful and responsible community.

If the folks over at The Boston Herald can’t get an appointment right away to get their hearing checks, they’re in luck if they are in good with one of these awesome immigrants driving up on sidewalks and popping wheelies down Boylston Street on unregistered scooters being paid under the able for food deliveries — and then sending the money back to their “native” country.

Afterall, these days they are about the only ones in the country getting free health insurance — at the courtesy, of course, of the American taxpayers who American newspapers like The Boston Herald have come to hate so much.

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