IN 2019, the Massachusetts legislature pushed hard to give licenses to illegal aliens (see photo above).


Please see below:

The Massachusetts Coalition for Immigration Reform (MCIR) has learned that a bill that would give driver’s licenses to illegal aliens has been introduced in the legislature. The bill (S. 2289/H.3456) is called “An Act relative to work and family mobility during and subsequent to the COVID-19 emergency.”

A public hearing, “virtual” through Zoom, is scheduled for June 23 from 2-5 PM. Anyone can sign up to testify, but advance registration is necessary.

Judging by past experience, the proponents of this bill will mount an aggressive campaign which will be as part of the nationwide effort by Democrats for open borders. Yet the Zoom hearing will give those who oppose open borders a golden opportunity to make their voices heard.  And, you can do it from a place of your own choosing!

The Massachusetts Coalition for Immigration Reform (MCIR) urges voters to stand with American workers and against the human traffickers and sweatshop operators while showing respect for the law and law enforcement. Together, let us defeat this bill.

You can oppose this bill in several ways.

1.     First and foremost, you can sign up to testify. Since the hearing will be conducted via Zoom it is very easy to testify. Simply click on the link below and sign up.

In order to prevent proponents of the bill from monopolizing speaking slots, it is important to act as quickly as possible.

2.     You can submit testimony in writing using the same link.

3.     You can write or telephone directly to the members of the Joint Committee on Transportation. (Members are shown in an attachment to this message).

4.     You can also write or telephone to your own legislators.

Beyond this, you can make your opposition to this bill known by telling your friends and acquaintances about the bill, in person or on social media. You can also send letters to the editor and use talk radio.

We repeat:  please get the word about this bill to all interested persons through social media, talk radio and letters to the editor.

If you want any support in this effort, do not hesitate to contact us.

John Thompson

Boston, MA

Massachusetts Coalition for Immigration Reform

(617) 939-9048


Joint Committee on Transportation

Senate Members

Joseph A. Boncore,
John F. Keenan,
Vice Chair
Harriette L. 
Eric P.
Susan L.
Michael F.  
Patrick M. O’Connor  (Ranking Minority Member)  RepublicanPatrick.O’

House Members

William M. Straus,
Marcos A. Devers,  Vice
Natalie M. Blais
Lindsay N.
Susannah M.
Brandy Fluker
Sally P.
Steven S. Howitt   (Ranking Minority Member)
Norman J.
David F.


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Key Facts and Points for Discussion —

The Trump Administration succeeded in reducing illegal entries along the Southern border. His policy of requiring prospective asylum seekers to submit their clams in Mexico and Central America was aimed at stopping willful abuse of US laws on asylum. The situation existed in part because the Congress refused to rectify loopholes in the asylum law.  The policy was completely consistent with United States and international laws. It involved negotiation and cooperation with Mexico and Central American countries. Several Central American countries have protested the Biden’ Administration’s cancellation of those agreements.

Since taking office the Biden Administration has removed most measures to prevent illegal border crossings and generally signaled that it will do nothing to secure the border. In response, unprecedented numbers are entering the country illegally. Once in the country, they will seek the places that are most welcoming to illegal immigration in terms of ease of access to work and social benefits as well as lax enforcement.

Massachusetts is already a magnet for unlawful migrants. Over the last ten years, the state has had the largest increase in the number of illegal aliens (and not coincidentally the sharpest drop in the wages of unskilled workers of any state in the nation). A whopping 280,000 persons reside illegally in Massachusetts—up one third from a decade ago. They are taking jobs that would otherwise go to lawful residents, and driving down the wages of low-skilled residents who are still working.

At present each unlawful resident receives an average of $8,000 in government benefits and pays negligible taxes, costing each taxpaying household $850. The drivers’ license law would make it easier for unscrupulous employers to hire unauthorized workers. 

The bill has nothing to do with safe driving. As its title indicates, its purpose is simply to make it easier for illegal aliens to live and work in our state.  Moreover, studies in California and New Mexico showed that giving drivers licenses for illegal immigrants did nothing to improve road safety. 

The people who are most victimized by illegal immigration are the most vulnerable, namely the unlawful immigrants themselves and the unskilled American they displace. Illegal immigration also leads to higher crime, reduced quality of health care for residents—especially low-income residents. It crowds schools and lowers the quality of primary and secondary education. Illegal immigrants also use other social services, and drive up the cost of education, and welfare.

While most people residing in the US illegally are not criminals, illegal immigration generates revenue for the criminal thugs that operate networks of human and drug smugglers that supply cheap workers to unscrupulous employers. Those seeking to enter the country illegally are subjected to extreme brutality by human traffickers. It is estimated that 1/3 of women seeking to enter the country illegally are sexually assaulted.

Many illegal immigrants pay for their passage by transporting drugs for these gangs. The gangs also sometimes supply fraudulent documents, enabling the so-called undocumented to work in the US. The victims: Americans whose identities have been stolen. 

A series of inquiries has shown that before 9/11 brought the issue to nationwide attention various categories of identity documents of varying degrees of reliability were commonly used, opening the way for criminals and terrorists to exploit weaknesses and gaps in the system. The 9/11 terrorists had 30 state driver’s licenses and identification cards enabling them to travel in the US undetected.

Since 9/11 our country has been working to build a comprehensive and reliable system of identification to enable Federal and state law enforcement to work together to combat crime and terrorism. This bill would undermine that cooperative effort.

Voters overwhelmingly oppose driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. According to a  Harvard/Harris Poll of 2019, 72 percent of all U.S. voters said they oppose allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses, including 74 percent of swing voters, 85 percent of GOP voters, and 73 percent of self-described “moderates.” Democrat voters, by a majority of almost 60 percent, said illegal aliens should not be allowed to obtain driver’s licenses. Opposition cuts across racial and ethnic lines with   76 percent of white Americans, 67 per cent of black Americans and 57 percent of Hispanic Americans against such a policy. 


  1. No action on Beacon Hill to help struggling working class citizens who are reeling economically from the pandemic and unaffordable housing costs. Just action to help illegal aliens. The politicians today know that they can get away with outrageous bills. The politicians of today know that they can ignore working class people. Few citizens today read a newspaper or even search for news. Constant. texting, practicing apathy and plain old ignorance of reality by our citizens gets us this type of government.

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