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Complete Democrat Sweep in Massachusetts, Starting with Governor’s Race.

Complete Democrat Sweep in Massachusetts,
Starting with Governor’s Race.

by John DiMascio

Chairman of the Watertown Republican Town Committee


To rephrase Robert Duvall’s line from Apocalypse Now, “Charlie does surf.” And surf the Democrat Blue Wave he did, purposely leaving Republican candidates running in Massachusetts to drown. It’s not that Charlie Baker doesn’t have coattails. It’s that he specifically and deliberately ran a raging anti-Trump campaign to drive up the Democrat vote.


The most popular governor in the time/space continuum had no need to run against Trump. He knew damn well the Democrat Party leadership had no intention of supporting their gubernatorial candidate. They prefer a toothless Republican in the corner office. It’s even better when that Republican is as much a Democrat if not more than their candidate. Baker would have easily won reelection over the underfunded and unsupported Jay Gonzalez, but he was on a mission to undermine every other Republican who had an opponent.


Charlie Baker has graduated far beyond following the failed “Corner Office Only” policy instituted by Bill “Judas Priest” Weld. He’s even gone beyond stifling any grassroots attempt to grow the Party and rebuild its infrastructure. Indeed, it has become abundantly apparent that Charlie’s life work is to completely destroy the MassGOP, which has been on life support ever since his ilk has been in charge.


In 2014 Charlie proved he had no coattails. In fact, he won on the coattails of the Tank the Gas Tax ballot question that garnered more votes than Charlie! In 2018 the MassGOP chair boasted that in a presidential year we actually picked up a seat. The most popular governor to ever live wasn’t even able to persuade the voters to validate his appeal to authorize more charter schools and to defeat legalizing recreational marijuana. But you’d think in 2018, with soaring poll numbers, in a non-presidential year, in a year when Charlie Baker harvested roughly 900,000 more votes than his opponent, winning 67% of the vote, we’d actually win a few seats in the Legislature. Instead, we lost ground. Heck, even Richard RINO Ross lost his safe state Senate seat! The seat previously held by Scott Brown!

This carnage could have and should have been avoided. But it was planned. Again, not planned by the Democrats.

Well, I correct myself. It was hatched by one Democrat in particular – namely Charlie Baker.

6 Replies to “Complete Democrat Sweep in Massachusetts, Starting with Governor’s Race.

  1. I did not see or hear any tv or radio ads on for Diehl from mid September to the November election day. Not one radio or tv ad for McMahon for state attorney general. Radio and tv ads for candidates have been a must for 70 years now. Even in Massachusetts many independents and even old school Democrats are disillusioned and would have voted GOP if they heard it’s message. If MassGOP was serious about politics then they would have serious efforts and tv or radio ads.

  2. This past senate race exemplifies the situation here in MA. The contrast between fauxcahontas and Jeff Diehl could not have been more stark. Corruption and fraud vs. clean and qualified. I did not see even 1 ad for the fake indian during the race. No ads are necessary for anyone who pays attention. And yet she won in a landslide. It shows that nothing has changed with the MA electorate since it re-elected the murderer of a young woman term after term until he died in office. There is no hope for this state until the liberals spend it into bankruptcy and it is forced to start over.

    1. Warren didn’t need any tv or radio ads. She was on the news every night for months before the election. If MassGOP or the National GOP had some ads on for Diehl then maybe he would have gotten more votes and not have had to concede the election before 8:30 on election night. Diehl’s message needed to go out to those many who didn’t know it. If Scott Brown paid more attention to the independent , Republican and Democrat voters who elected him, then Warren wouldn’t have won in 2012.

  3. Moderate, I don’t know what state your talking about. Geoff Diehl had ads all over local radio and TV stations prior to the election and an abundance of yard signs also. She was on the news and it was clear that she is a total moon-bat from the insane policy she advocates. That publicity would have been negative anywhere but in MA, NY or CA which is the point I am trying to make. Anyone who pays attention knows that Warren is a fraud and a liar as her DNA test ultimately proved. Diehl’s ads pointed that out and he should have won. What’s going on here is that this is the same electorate that re-elected the murderer of a young woman over and over again until he died in office. Truth and integrity be damned. The election showed how closed minded the MA electorate is even to the point of electing a fraud who puts the welfare of illegal aliens over the welfare of American citizens rather than a comptent, moral and ethical legislator.

    1. @ Kojack: I listened to WBZ, Boston’s largest radio station, and WRKO frequently from mid September to the November election. I heard NO Diehl ads. Diehl had tv ads on up until the Sept. primary. After that I saw NO Diehl tv ads. Since the late 1940’s radio and tv ads are a must for any serious candidate. Warren is a sitting U.S. Senator and on the news nightly. Diehl is an obscure suburban state rep. He NEEDED radio and tv ads . NO radio or tv ads on for McMahon the GOP AG candidate either. The result was that McMahon and Diehl conceded the election less than an hour after the polls closed. Yet, a couple of weeks ago on NE Cable News I saw state GOP Chair Ms. Hughes boasting about the huge success the GOP had in Massachusetts. Seriously? You forget one fact in your comments. Disillusioned Democrats and Independents got Scott Brown elected. Yet, Brown forgot those voters and paved the way for fraud Warren’s 2012 election. He cared more about photo opportunities and his daughter’s singing career than he did about the voters who elected him. Don’t tell me that Bay state voters won’t elect a Republican. They elected Brown. They elect RINO Baker. MASSGOP is a joke who abandoned most of their candidates this year.

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