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Fighting to Keep Registered Sex Offenders Out of Girls’ Bathrooms and Showers

Republican Reps. Shaunna O’Connell, James Lyons, Marc Lombardo and others:

Fighting to Keep Registered Sex Offenders Out of Girls’ Bathrooms and Showers

by Lonnie Brennan
The remaining strands of hair on Democrat Senate President Stanley “the Gay Cougar” Rosenberg’s head continues to wane as the years click by and there’s less and less to dye. And it appears this diminutive proponent of absolute control of the State House has hit some unexpected rough waters, as opponents to his Bathroom Bill refuse to roll over and continue to fight his plan to allow creeps, perverts, peeping toms, registered sex offenders, and inquisitive teenage boys to stroll into our daughter’s rest rooms, locker rooms, and yes, showers.
In the House of Representatives, the Republican members fought hard and lost a valiant battle last month against Stanley’s counterpart, House Speaker Bob “The Gravy King” DeLeo.
DeLeo – in a press conference – praised his liberal colleagues for passing a bill that provides virtually no rules, no boundaries, to any man from entering any girls’ shower room, and walking around with, forgive me, the “willy” swaying in the breeze.
DeLeo called passage of the Bathroom Bill “one of my proudest moments” and said it was great to be from Massachusetts and to allow men to use girls’ rooms in what he termed “landmark legislation.”
Clearly, DeLeo continues to show signs of diminished mental capacity and reasoning. In a word, he’s gone from grandpa moneybags (doling out the pork spending) to grandpa drooling mouth. Aging before his time, both physically, and unexpectedly, mentally.
Republican Representative Shaunna O’Connell attempted to amend the Bathroom Bill to prohibit registered sex offenders from entering bathrooms of the opposite sex. DeLeo cut off debate, changed the rules of the House on the fly, and refused to allow Ms. O’Connell to respond to the liberal Democrat extremists in the chamber. It was a virtual gag-order on speeches, not a debate.
House Minority Leader Brad Jones offered an amendment to the bill to change the implementation date until such time as rules and regulations could be put in place. His bill was rejected. Another bill by Jones to prevent Level 2 and Level 3 registered sex offenders from gaining access to bathrooms of the opposite sex was similarly defeated, in roll call #272 on Amendment 9.
Republican Representative Elizabeth Poirier attempted to amend the Bathroom Bill to provide an exemption for locker rooms where there are no dividers (for example, “open showers”). Defeated.
Republican Representative James Lyons offered six amendments, each to showcase the unfairness of the Bill as written, and to request compromise on implementation and adoption. His amendments included: allowing schools to set certain regulations on their own to make provisions for transgender students; provide anti-discrimination legislation, but also provide provisions for female students who feel uncomfortable with a man in their showers (allow them similar rights to privacy – alternative arrangements, scheduling, facilities; including provisions to allow parents to protect their children; making the Legislature responsible for reviewing and approving all rules and regulations put forth by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (a highly-biased group) and constantly self-referencing lesbian Attorney General Maura Healey; and others. All were driven down by Democrats.
Even an attempt by Representative O’Connell to prohibit men from entering women’s rooms in women’s shelters was ultimately ruled out of bounds.
Representative Marc Lombardo’s attempt to pass an amendment to provide protection to law enforcement personnel to ensure that if they are acting in good faith in responding to what is expected to be a potentially awkward and new situation, they would not be subject to hate-inspired personal lawsuits for either choosing to act, or not act, provided they were following all rules and regulations, etc. His amendment was similarly crushed by a Democrat landslide against it.
The Democrats want all men to have full access to all girls’ bathrooms everywhere, with no limits, no exceptions: in schools, in businesses, at the mall, at playgrounds, at ball games, at the YWCA, at Curves, at Gold’s Gym, at Boston Sports, in church, in temples. Even an amendment to place an increased penalty for people caught using the Bathroom Bill law for improper purposes was ruled out by the Democrats.
Voting in favor of the Bathroom Bill language to allow full, unfettered access to girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms by any man who feels female for the moment, included Democrat Reps:
DeLeo, Mariano, Haddad, Rushing, Bradley, Arciero, Ashe, Atkins, Ayers, Balser, Barber, Benson, Brodeur, Cahill, Calter, Campbell, Cantwell, Cariddi, Carvalho, Cassidy, Chan, Collins, Coppinger, Crighton, Cronin, Cullinane, Cusack, Cutler, Day, Decker, Dempsey, DiZoglio, Donahue, DuBois, Dykema, Ehrlich (Swampscott), Farley-Bouvier, Fernandes, Ferrante, Finn, Fiola, Fox, Galvin, Garballey, Garlick, Gentile, Golden ,Gonzalez, Gordon, Gregoire, Hay, Hecht, Heroux, Hogan, Holmes, Honan, Hunt, Kafka, Kaufman, Khan, Kocot, Koczera, Kulik, Lawn, Linsky, Livingstone, Madden, Mahoney, Malia, Mannal,  McMurtry, Michlewitz, Mom, Moran, F., Moran, M., Murphy, Naughton, O’Day, Peake, Peisch, Petrolati, Pignatelli, Provost, Rogers, D., Rogers, J., Ryan, Sanchez, Schmid, Scibak, Smizik, Speliotis (Danvers), Stanley, Story, Straus, Swan, Timilty, Toomey, Tosado, Tucker (Salem), Ultrino, Vega, Velis, Vincent, Wagner, Walsh, C., Walsh, T. (Peabody), Zlotnik.
Eight of the 34 Republicans in the 160-member House voted in favor of the Bathroom Bill: Frost, Dooley, Ferguson, Harrington, Hunt, Kane, Kelcourse, and Muradian. Reps. Campanale and Whipps Lee did not cast a vote.
The Bathroom Bill remains in committee, to be decided at any moment. The hang-up? Senate President Rosenberg wants immediate implementation; House Speaker DeLeo wants to wait until after the fall elections. There are also some other language changes to be worked out between the two Democrat leaders, and until Bobbie caves to Stanley, as is expected, the Bill will sit in limbo.
Republican Gov. Charlie “I’m left of Obama on the social issues” Baker has even expressed some concern with the final language, perhaps due to the increasing tide of pressure his office received as the school year ended. With parents and kids now tending to summer vacation, the legislators are expected to quietly enact the bill and let the chips fall where they may.
“They’ll do it, not because it’s the right thing to do, but because they can do it; they have the power to do it,” Rep. Lyons commented, referring to the 126 Democrats vs. the 34 Republicans in the House and the Democrats propensity to continue to push radical social engineering legislation with no controls onto Massachusetts’ families.        ♦

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