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MassGOP State Committee Sits It Out

UPDATE  AUG. 9, 2016:   Seems the pressure from Republican voters got to cupcake. The State Committee is now set to meet the last Wed. in August. 

Under the non-leadership of MassGOP Chairwoman Kirsten “cupcake in a rainstorm” Hughes, the 80-member governing board of the unsuccessful Republican apparatus in Massachusetts has adjourned for the summer. They’ll meet again in mid-September.
The Party, with Hughes’ and long-time national committeeman Ron Kaufman’s non-leadership, has neglected its responsibilities and will let more than 120 Democrat senators and representatives go unchallenged for the fall elections. Actually, many of the incumbent Democrats have never, ever, had to utter the words “my opponent” during the duo’s reign of errors. ♦

2 Replies to “MassGOP State Committee Sits It Out

  1. We as citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who are registered Republicans. Need to take action in cleaning house in our own party we need to replace all these rinos who are actively working for the Democrats but claim they are Republicans. These Traders are in the house the Senate the executive branch of Massachusetts Government and we cannot rest easy as Republicans as if they do to our party what we true conservative Republicans moral and physical do everyday to protect our party.

  2. The MASSGOP continues to coddle and nurture those who do not perform. The million plus $ that were spent to rid the State Committee of Conservatives with Baker employees has given us a bunch of do nothings. Let’s give the Baker Team a round of applause for not having the experience to recruit candidates to run against the Democrats…… Go Baker Team!!!

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