Mass AG Leads Campaign to Crush Pro-Life Centers



Reports in LiveAction and LifeSiteNews reveal that the attorney general of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, Andrea J. Campbell, is leading a network of seventeen state attorneys general – all Democrats – in a campaign to target and ultimately suppress pro-life pregnancy care centers.

Called the Reproductive Rights Working Group, the organization includes representatives from the National Abortion Federation – the trade association of abortionists – and the pro-death National Women’s Law Center, which is funded by Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation and the pharmaceutical industry.

Andrea Campbell of Massachusetts is the chairwoman.

A press release issued by the group claimed that it is “working to strengthen state-level protections for abortion, contraception and gender-affirming care.”

Andrea Campbell is quoted in the release as saying that one of the group’s goals is to “increase regulation of anti-abortion centers.”

The group is committed to creating so-called reproductive justice units in the office of every state attorney general. These units will be the mechanisms through which crisis pregnancy centers will be investigated and prosecuted.

When Campbell ran for attorney general of Massachusetts in 2022, she said she wanted to “expose crisis pregnancy centers…” and hold them “accountable.”

In that election, Campbell was endorsed by the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund of Massachusetts, who described her as a “champion for reproductive freedom.”

In an October 2nd, 2023 statement, announcing the appointment of the commonwealth’s first director of reproductive justice, Campbell said that her new office would tackle “misinformation and disinformation that prevents access to [abortion] care.”

She later told reporters that the unit “would use every tool at its disposal, from grants and civil actions, right up to criminal enforcement,” to defend and expand abortion.

The Catholic Action League called the so-called Reproductive Rights Working Group “another example of the totalitarian instincts, utilitarian ethics and sociopathic sensibilities of America’s neo-communist Left, which prefers lawfare to elections, and regards the Bill of Rights as an archaic, Eurocentric irrelevancy.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “Whether it is Senator Elizabeth Warren’s bill to have the Federal Trade Commission investigate and regulate crisis pregnancy centers, or Andrea Campbell’s campaign to multiply reproductive justice units, the objective is the same.

That goal is to force pro-life pregnancy care centers into bankruptcy and closure by imposing a heavy regulatory burden upon them, and by condemning them to costly litigation in order to defend themselves from government lawsuits and civil enforcement proceedings.

If that fails, the next step will be, as Campbell has indicated, criminal prosecution.

All of this is a textbook example of corrupt, special interest politics. These elected officials are not representing the public, but are acting as agents of their donor class, from Planned Parenthood and NARAL.

New York Attorney General Letitia James – after suing Donald Trump and the NRA – has already filed suit against 11 crisis pregnancy centers in the Empire State in the matter of abortion pill reversals.

James is accusing them of making false and misleading statements, and ‘spreading dangerous misinformation.’

This lawsuit will be the precedent, the test case and the template of the coming persecution.” 

[Editor’s Note: At press time Attorney General Campbell’s brother was arrested, charged with being a serial rapist.]


2 Replies to “Mass AG Leads Campaign to Crush Pro-Life Centers

  1. Now I know why why I am seeing TV ads about getting the “truth” about “anti-abortion centers” from a website.
    How can the ads be stopped? Any ideas?

    1. It’s long term but simple: NEVER VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT.
      It’s bad enough there are so many liberal Republicans,
      but the DEMOCRATS of today are a disgrace to humanity.
      Communist, controlling, to the core.

      Lonnie Brennan

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