And Away Goes Bitcoin, Down the Drain / Will Deaton, Cain and Warren go with it?



by Robert “Bob” Antonellis

Candidate for U.S. Senate (R-MA)

Over two billion bitcoin/crypto mining computers, specifically designed PCs, run throughout the world, 24/7. They may as well be fancy lottery machines, competing to earn a roughly $50,000 prize (in bitcoin) every 10 minutes, or 144 times per day. >> BITCOIN SUSTAINABILITY, and other websites, estimate that one bitcoin transaction uses as much electricity as 2/3 of a million VISA transactions. (estimates fluctuate daily)

At best, bitcoin/crypto is driving up electricity costs in most every home and business in the world. At worst, bitcoin/crypto causes death amongst the poorest people in the world and is connected to the murder of 264 Texans. Remember? The American military’s most important state, Texas, had a blackout that lasted 10 long and bloody days. And we were quickly told freezing windmills were the root cause. But, what was the involvement of bitcoin mining datacenters?

Did you know? Those gigantic users of electricity were the first datacenters, ever, to be visible by NASA using heat signature satellites. So, enthusiasts of bitcoin, including Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, act towards bitcoin as if they had no idea it was far worse than an engineering failure and a humanitarian disaster. Truthfully, speaking as an engineer (UMass Industrial Engineering & Operation Research, 1984), the bitcoin design is better called out as an “engineering fraud,” a brutal deception.

Bitcoin mining facilities need to be shut down, their assets seized, and criminal investigations need to be started for anyone involved in this engineering fraud and crime against humanity, including those pressing the button to buy or sell so little as a tiny fraction of one bitcoin. Read on and see why…

Bitcoin alone uses more electricity than the nation of Poland, ranking bitcoin at 24th amongst nations, and that’s for a paltry number of transactions.

Demand that all political campaigns, including those of Ian Cain and John Deaton (who is well known as “@CryptoLawyer”) renounce bitcoin and crypto, and do a mia culpa over that tragic lapse in judgment. They must renounce any association with this crime against humanity, and mass murder, and scrub any such “blood money” from their campaigns. If they don’t, what might that mean?

John Deaton claims there is “no transaction fee,” which is the reason he chose bitcoin/crypto in the first place. That’s true, if you put no value on the greater good, and the people in America and around the world who pay with their lives. The absolute human devastation wrought by a single bitcoin transaction could represent the pinnacle of greed. So, John Deaton’s transaction fee savings are born by the poorest people in the Third World, in Texas, throughout America, and the rest of the world. Shame.

And that’s for a trivial amount of transactions. Bitcoin/crypto is a national disgrace and a humiliation to Massachusetts, MIT, Lincoln Labs, MITRE, all alleged technology leaders, to have not called bitcoin/crypto a “crime against humanity,” when they had the choice. Perhaps that time has come.

John, one bitcoin transaction uses more electricity than 608,387 VISA transactions, according to, on 5/13/2024. Consider yourself notified. And the carbon footprint of one single bitcoin transaction reaches over one million times the carbon footprint of a VISA transaction.

So, do I want bitcoin to finally have a market value of $0.00? No. I want the price to go negative, and for bitcoin readers to place one final sell order, before the people wake up. I want reparations for those who’ve died, lost businesses, livelihoods, environment devastated, and much more, by being on the wrong end of this satanic fraud being perpetrated today, on America, Americans, and throughout the world.

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