Call the Gov. Save Our Unborn: Massachusetts Republican Party Post to Save the Innocent Unborn Children

Massachusetts Republican Party Chair Jim Lyons posted the following tribute that took place today at the State House – Roses and ceremony protesting against the back-door tack-on of baby-killing legislation in the current BUDGET!!


  Saturday’s event at the Statehouse was a great, prayerful occasion. Over 150 dedicated pro-lifers braved the steady, cold rain and were strong witnesses to the importance of defeating the pending deadly abortion legislation. Over 1,000 roses were placed on the steps of the statehouse in memory of the babies who have been aborted and those who will be aborted should this legislation be enacted into law. See the photo here. Impressive! And see Mass. GOP head Jim Lyons’ comment (with photo) here.

          Many thanks for the success of this great pro-life event are due to the organizers, Catherine Jenkins, and Father Alan Wharton, FI, and to the main speaker, Kathy Hill, of Silent No More. The Holy Spirit was certainly active in inspiring these three. And thank you to all who attended and to those who contributed financially and with their many prayers. 

             The budget bill, with the attached abortion amendment, is now on the governor’s desk and he has ten days to either sign it into law or veto it. The job for all of us now is to call Governor Baker (617-725-4005) and urge him to line item veto the abortion amendment. Call him today!

God Bless,

Tom Harvey

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