The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts is applauding the Men’s March to Abolish Abortion and Rally For Personhood, which was held earlier today in Boston.

The purpose of the march was to encourage men—as fathers, brothers and sons—to increase their participation in the cause of protecting innocent human life. Historically, the the pro-life movement, in its leadership, membership and activist cadres, has been dominated by Catholic and Evangelical women.

The march began at Planned Parenthood in Allston, and continued to the Massachusetts State House on Beacon Hill, where the Rally For Personhood took place.

More than 300 men joined the march, while upwards of 400 participants were present for the rally on Beacon Street in front of the State House.

A group of 20 counter-protestors, dressed in clown suits, followed the march, making noise and taunting the Catholic men while they were reciting the Rosary. Later a small number of Antifa militants arrived at the State House to shout obscenities during the proceedings.

Speakers included Father Stephen Imbarrato and Jim Havens, Co-Founders of the Men’s March, Joe Gallagher of Church Militant, and Sister Deirdre Byrne.

Also featured was Mark Houck, the Pennsylvania pro-life activist arrested at his home, in front of his wife and seven children, by twenty FBI agents wearing flak vests and carrying rifles.

The Catholic Action League called the event “an encouraging expression of pro-life solidarity, at a time when our institutions are subjected to criminal acts of arson and vandalism, and when crisis pregnancy centers are facing restriction and suppression at the hands of pro-abortion elected officials.”

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “While today’s event was a tremendous success, it remains both bewildering and disheartening that the Archdiocese of Boston would not only fail to support the march, but actually erect roadblocks to discourage Catholics from participating in it.”

“In the absence of a credible explanation, faithful Catholics are left to conclude that Cardinal O’Malley’s cordial relationship with the Bay State’s pro-abortion political class, along with the longstanding hostility of his closest advisors to grass roots pro-life activism, are the causes behind this shameful obstruction of a historic public witness to the right to life.”

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