Jay McMahon for Attorney General, Mass.: PUBLIC SAFETY CRISIS –

October 14, 2022 – Cape Cod, MA – The Jay McMahon for Attorney General campaign issued a statement today:

We have a public safety crisis in our country and state right now. Overnight, two police officers were killed in Connecticut, and another shot; this is heartbreaking and unacceptable. My heart goes out to those families of the fallen police officers who bravely served their community.

But sadly, violence has been in the headlines way too much. Tuesday evening, a 91-year-old civil rights pioneer was stabbed while walking her dog in Boston’s Franklin Park. I pray for her recovery and that her attacker is arrested. However that’s not all, a 14 year-old boy was killed in Boston in broad daylight on Monday.

We need to elect new leadership in order to stop the violence. People need to be safe and feel safe. We need to have real conversations with people about what’s happening to our communities. What does my opponent think about this? We won’t know because she doesn’t like to debate.

The Attorney General’s office needs leadership in our time of crisis, and I promise if I’m elected, safety will be my top priority.

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  1. Crime is out of control. Its even worse in NY and Chicago. Road safety is a major issue too. Especially here in Massachusetts. One can drive from the South Shore to the North Shore and rarely if at all see a state police patrol. The Herald did an article on this earlier this month. Speeders, tail gaters and road ragers are more common these days than ever before. Mr. Diehl also should have an ad on radio or tv highlighing his plans to combat this issue. Its a quality of life issue that registers with voters.
    I already voted for Mr. McMahon and Diehl. Ms. Campbell has no record or interest in fighting crime or helping consumers. Healey has been state AG for eight years and has done nothing to help consumers or fight corruption..

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