3 Members of Mass. House Meet for 18 Minutes – House Session Summary – Thursday, June 15, 2023

House Session Summary – Thursday, June 15, 2023

Branches Designate Aug. 12-13 As Sales Tax Holiday Weekend

The House adjourned for an extra-long weekend Thursday morning after adopting a resolution designating the weekend of Aug. 12-13 as this year’s sales tax holiday. The Senate on Thursday morning agreed to the same dates for the tax holiday. The House advanced a few local bills and adjourned in memory of former House Speaker David Bartley of Holyoke. With Juneteenth on Monday, the House plans to meet next next on Tuesday. – Michael P. Norton


CONVENES: The House convened at 11 a.m., Rep. Garballey presiding. Reps. Peisch and Wong were present, along with some staff and court officers.

PLEDGE: The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

SALES TAX HOLIDAY: The House adopted a Parisella resolution (H 3916) declaring a sales tax holiday on the weekend of Aug. 12-13.

EAGLE SCOUT: The House adopted a resolution recognizing an Eagle Scout.

GUESTS: Division 3 golf champions from Weston High School were introduced as guests of Rep. Peisch. They were seated in the fourth division.

LATE FILES: Late-filed bills, including those filed by Rep. Hawkins, were admitted.

WOBURN: The House enacted H 316 a Rep. Haggerty bill authorizing Woburn to extend the time for the issuance of alcoholic beverage licenses in said city.

LANESBOROUGH: The House ordered to third reading H 2435 authorizing the town of Lanesborough to continue the employment of Daniel Bolognia, Charles Garrity, Peter Pannesco, Peter Oakley, David Rolle, Donald Whalen and Michael Wooliver.

HANCOCK: The House ordered to third reading H 2437 authorizing the town of Hancock to allow firefighters and police to continue serving past age 65.

CONWAY: The House ordered to third reading H 2448 authorizing the town of Conway to continue the employment of police officer Randall Williams.

MORE CONWAY: The House ordered to third reading H 3792 authorizing the town of Conway to continue the employment of police officer Kenneth Ouimette

CLINTON GUESTS: Eighth graders from Clinton, seated in all four divisions, were introduced by Rep. Kilcoyne. The representative welcomed the students and told them their attendance will be recorded in the House journal.

ORDERS OF THE DAY : At 11:12 a.m. there was no objection to considering items in the orders of the day.

MANSFIELD: The House engrossed H 3828 authorizing the town of Mansfield to grant an additional license for the sale of all alcoholic beverages not to be drunk on the premises.

STUDENT GUESTS DEPART: The visiting students from Conway rose and departed the chamber.

ALEXANDER WHITESIDE: The House stood in a moment of silent tribute to Alexander Whiteside, who served as chief counsel to the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development during the Weld administration.

ADJOURNMENT ORDER: The House adopted a Speaker Mariano order to hold the next House session at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

ADJOURNS – IN MEMORY OF DAVID BARTLEY: The House adjourned at 11:18 a.m. to meet next at 11 a.m. The House adjourned in memory of David Bartley, a member of the House from 1963 until 1975 and Speaker of the House from 1969 until 1975.

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