After Another World-Wide Search, Outgoing Mass. Gov. Gave Plum Job to Friend/Defeated Politician Shawn DOOLEY

Dooley Snagged Late-Term State Job
The mystery around former Rep. Shawn Dooley’s late-term resignation is over: he landed another state job.

Dooley suddenly resigned from the House on Dec. 27, with only a week left on his term.

Reached by the News Service on Tuesday, he confirmed that he started working last week as a commissioner on the state Civil Service Commission, a job he said he was appointed to by the outgoing Baker administration.

“It’s very interesting,” he said on his drive home, mentioning the panel’s role in resolving disputes between municipalities and unions. “I’m able to continue being involved in public service.”

According to the commission, it hears appeals filed by state and municipal employees and candidates for positions covered by the civil service law, including discipline, layoff, bypass, and examination appeals as well as classification appeals for all state employees.

Sen. Becca Rausch of Needham in November defeated Dooley in his bid to leap from the House to the Senate. The Wrentham Republican said he plans to remain active this month as a Republican State Committee member. “My focus is Jan. 31 and voting against Jim Lyons,” Dooley said, referring to the party chairman who is seeking reelection. In early 2021, Lyons edged Dooley to hold on to the party chairmanship.

“The course of Massachusetts unfortunately changed dramatically that day,” Dooley said. Republicans lost legislative seats and were swept in statewide races in November. Dooley called it a “disaster on so many levels” for the party and suggested that if he had beat Lyons it might have influenced Gov. Charlie Baker’s views about a third term and that Geoff Diehl would not have been the party’s nominee for governor. – Michael P. Norton/SHNS


Editor’s Note: Dooley was the face of promoting driver licenses and benefits for illegal aliens. A pet project of Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker, who refused to do anything to reduce the number of illegals entering Massachusetts, instead, lavishing them with billions of dollars in funding, housing, etc.


2 Replies to “After Another World-Wide Search, Outgoing Mass. Gov. Gave Plum Job to Friend/Defeated Politician Shawn DOOLEY

  1. The Rino’s got their turn at the public trough. Now the carpetbaggers, elitists, apathetic take care of themselves Democrats are totally in charge on Beacon Hill. The more than 50% who don’t vote anymore complain the loudest. If 15 to 20 percent voted then most of these uncaring politicians would lose at the polls.
    In Massachusetts politics used to be a passion. Then in the 80’s and 90’s the self centered ran the state senate and Beacon Hill. Their arrogance turned off many traditional Catholic ethnic voters who used to love politics. Now their kids and grandkids have no interest in politics. That is why carpetbaggers with an agenda own the state house and Boston City Hall today.

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