Jay McMahon’s Statement on Healey’s Bias

April 23, 2022 – Cape Cod, MA – Attorney Jay McMahon, candidate for Massachusetts Attorney General, issued a statement today:

This week in the Boston Globe, Attorney General Maura Healey announced that she would be the “most aggressive governor in the country on climate.” At least we now know that she is still around, and campaigning. She has gone “radio silence” as to the State Troopers who have recently been fired for “violating” the VAX Mandate. Ditto for the Steamship Authority employees. Why isn’t she standing up for these employees? Her job is to protect the Constitutional Rights of these hapless souls! I get it that Healey will not take any political position that may offend her base, and so she will not take any stand in protecting these innocent Americans from losing their government jobs. Keep in mind, these employees are innocent; they have committed no crimes and no misconduct on the job. They have been wrongly fired! We now know that Healey just plain doesn’t care about people and their jobs. Healey will only stick to “Climate Change”, because that is red meat for her base. She is a terrible Attorney General, and she would make an even worse Governor.

First, Healey is running for Governor, while ignoring her duties as Attorney General. Secondly, Healey has been the most aggressive and radical progressive Democrat in the country, ignoring the real issues facing working families in Massachusetts, and instead focusing on pure non-sense issues like putting men in the ladies room. That is “Hold it” Healey’s way of defending your “civil rights” and freedom!

As your next Attorney General, I will work tirelessly to fight against the radical progressive agenda that is hurting our working families. Those agendas and policies are making Massachusetts the most unaffordable place in the country to live and work!

Healey’s plan includes proposals to allow cities and towns to ban natural gas in new buildings, and pledges to convert 1 million homes to electric heat and replace 1 million gas burning cars with electricity by the end of the decade. This is purely insane! When elected, I will fight this nonsense every day, so that you, the taxpayers of the Commonwealth, will be able to rest comfortably and affordably knowing that you can still heat your homes, and you can still get to work in your vehicles.

About Jay – A lifelong resident of Cape Cod, with more than 35 years of combined legal, Law Enforcement, and military experience, Jay McMahon is ready on day one to fight for you as your next Massachusetts Attorney General.

Throughout his career, McMahon has been a highly successful trial attorney having litigated cases at every level in Massachusetts Court system, as well as within the Federal system. His small business is located in Buzzards Bay and employs several area residents. Additionally, McMahon had served in Law Enforcement during the 1970’s, and has over 12 years of corporate management experience.

McMahon has also proudly served in the Massachusetts Army National Guard as a Lieutenant in the Military Police during the 1970’s. McMahon has been very active in his local community of Bourne. He has served on the Bourne Financial Development Corporation, and volunteered for Bourne Babe Ruth Baseball as the Coordinator, Bourne Youth Baseball as a Coach and Tournament Director, and a player-manager in the Baseball Clubs of Cape Cod, as well as a guest lecturer at high schools and area community colleges.

Married to Shelley for 29 years, McMahon is the proud father of five, the eldest of whom sadly fell victim to the opioid epidemic in 2008, after sustaining injuries while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. McMahon attended the Massachusetts Military Academy and is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts. Later he earned his law degree from Suffolk University Law School in Boston.









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  1. Mr. McMahon will probably be running against Andrea Campbell in November. Hopefully he will have some radio, newspaper or tv ads on to show voters that he is the reasonable alternative to far left Ms. Campbell. Campbell got elected to the Boston City Council with a few thousand votes in a low voter turnout election. She came in third place in a very low voter turnout Boston Mayoral Primary last year. I would venture to say, that the majority of Bay staters never even heard of her. Yet, the Globe and Herald have her favored to win in Autumn. McMahon needs to appeal to the huge percent of independents and disillusioned moderate Democrats who don’t vote anymore.
    McMahon is correct about Healey. She is the most ineffective state AG in modern Bay State history. She has no record on confronting public corruption. The Massachusetts State Police scandals showed that. She has a poor record on consumer issues. Her claim to fame is filing or joining in on frivolous law suits. In late December 2017 I sent a letter to Healey’s consumer protection office regarding a shady construction contractor who had a poor consumer record. The contractor did substandard work for me. I’m still waiting for an answer from Healey’s office. Even Harshbarger’s office 30 years back aggressively helped consumers. I am going to vote for McMahon and Diehl in November. However, both of those candidates need tv, newspaper and radio ads to appeal to the biggest segment of Bay State voters, the 60% who don’t vote usually. Otherwise we will have incompetent Healey as governor and leftist Campbell as state AG. If 10 to 15% of moderate to conservatives who stopped voting vote, then Healey or Campbell would not win.

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