Enemies of The State

Enemies of The State

by Warren P. Russo


Despite the resilience of the American public, there comes a time when they will tolerate no more lies, deceit, chicanery and dishonesty.

From the fraud of Obamacare and Hillary’s phony dossier to Hunter’s deals with China and the Big Guy’s invitation for Putin’s invasion, Democrats of the last half-century have generated enough bs to clog all of America’s toilets.

Self-serving sycophants and deviants have been finding their way into positions of political power in this country since Lyndon Johnson held his cabinet meetings while sitting on the throne.

Now facing annihilation at the midterm elections due to sheer incompetence, our current corrupt power-mongers hope to avoid criminal prosecution by shoehorning Ketanji Brown Jackson, who has a distinct record of leniency with pedophiles, onto the Supreme Court.

Some of these people are evil incarnate, from their multiple flights with Jeffrey Epstein to his private island for sexcapades with underage girls, to covering up the more than half-dozen charges of sexual assault that various female office workers have lodged against Joe Biden.

Joe Biden. Now there’s a piece of work. The first time he ran for president, he incredibly boasted that he’d graduated from college at the top of his class with three degrees, when in fact he had finished near the bottom, with but a single degree. Of course, he had to drop out of the race when people realized that not only was he a pathological liar, he was also too stupid to concoct believable lies.


Threatened with expulsion from law school for copying five pages of someone else’s law brief, Biden begged, pleaded and cried for another chance, which unfortunately for us he received.

That is the real Joe Biden, a fraud who never learned enough law to practice it, and got into Congress on a sympathy vote when his first wife and daughter were killed in a collision with a tractor-trailer the day before the election.

During the all-too-brief Trump years, we were literally on top of the world, asAmerica had not been since the booming 1950s and 1960s.Widespread prosperity, near-zero minority unemployment, low prices, energy independence and peaceful international relations were all too much for the Democrats, whose scheming had commenced even before Trump won in 2016.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, their traditional bag of tricks is very, very small, consisting primarily of increasing taxes and spending money for endless and redundant aid packages for minority voters, now being imported by the millions over our wide-open southern border.

The 1964 Civil Rights Act, which provides more benefits for single mothers than it does for married ones, has created generations of non-working single mothers with children from multiple absentee fathers. Listing all of the federally-funded organizations and benefits created during the last half-century that cater to this group would likely fill an entire page of this newspaper.

Low-income minorities are the modern-day slaves of the Democratic Party which, instead of uplifting them with jobs, merely tosses them benefits and Obamaphones in return for their votes.

So here we are now, on the brink of nuclear war with Russia, but all that our national leaders can think about is getting re-elected by blaming everything on the last president.


No thinking person can be pleased with today’s rampant inflation, government corruption and the prospect of another war, especially after Biden’s disgraceful retreat from Afghanistan after 20 years. American citizens were left behind, along with $80 billion in weapons, ammunition, military gear and cash. Taliban fighters have never looked so good, having traded their rags and sandals for GI greens and combat boots.

Now the women of Afghanistan are again being harassed and beaten into submission by the Taliban’s Religious Police, who enforce the oppressive and demeaning rules of behavior dictated by the aberrant belief system known as Islam.

All in all, quite a record of non-accomplishment for the current administration, if you can call it that. What a difference fifteen months makes!

Warren P. Russo is a retired Naval Officer and veteran journalist who writes on politics from Plum Island, Mass. Reach him via

3 Replies to “Enemies of The State

  1. This column is complete nonsense ^^^^
    Trump set the house on fire
    and he and his supporters now stand across the street mocking the firefighters.

  2. Who pulled all but 2,500 of our troops out of Afghanistan in 2020 while making no – zero – provisions for what came next –
    TRUMP did that

    “Obomaphone” = Reagan’s program to give phones to poor people to help them get jobs.

    This article is full of similar nonsense

  3. 11:59 am, January 20, 2021. U.S. inflation was at 1%. Some gas stations in Boston suburbs were selling gas at $1.95 per gallon. The working class could keep up with prices at the supermarket and heating oil. The southern border was under control. No Russian troops were marching through Ukraine. Afghanistan wasn’t over run by 7th century haters on motor scooters. The U.S. was not humiliated. It was peacetime. The U.S. was energy independent and the largest fuel producer on Earth. Does any rational human being think that these days are good? Since noon on January 20, 2021 America is on the express train to decline. Facts don’t lie.

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