Anti-censorship standout scheduled for Sunday at the Bourne Bridge rotary

Anti-censorship standout scheduled for Sunday at the Bourne Bridge rotary

The Massachusetts Republican Party’s anti-censorship campaign keeps moving forward, with a standout scheduled for Sunday at noon at the Bourne Bridge rotary aimed at raising public awareness about the alarming trend of conservative and right-leaning speech being censored in the online public square.  

“We’re beginning to roll out this campaign at a time when social media technology giants are increasingly working to silence conservative viewpoints,” MassGOP Chairman Jim Lyons said Wednesday. “Just this past fall, we saw how bad it can get, when Facebook and Twitter led a media blackout of the Hunter Biden laptop story.”  

Lyons’s referenced a post-election poll that found 36 percent of voters who cast ballots for then-Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden were unaware of a major story involving his family’s financial connections to companies controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. The McLaughlin & Associates poll found that 13 percent would not have voted for Biden had they been made aware.   Social media companies like Facebook and Twitter responded to damning pre-election reports published by the New York Post by either censoring them or suspending social media accounts outright, both unprecedented moves. Mainstream news media likewise buried the reports.  

Other instances saw alternative social media sites being taken offline by Amazon Web Services, with their apps removed by both Apple and Google, and even the permanent banning from social media of former President Donald Trump.  

In Massachusetts, Lyons cited the dismissal of a successful and popular Dedham High School football coach after he questioned the critical race theory curriculum the school district was teaching his 7th grade daughter. Additional examples include recent attempts by Democrats to pressure cable, satellite, and streaming providers into removing Fox News from programming.

  In January, the Republican State Committee voted overwhelmingly to pass a resolution recognizing First Amendment rights and denouncing all forms of censorship. The resolution, introduced by State Committeeman Jay Fleitman, is the first of its kind.  

“The list of examples keeps getting longer and longer, and it’s past time we did something about it,” said Adam Lange, a Brewster Republican who founded the United Cape Patriots and is leading Sunday’s standout event. “Our hope is to raise enough awareness that no matter your political persuasions, we can all agree that censorship is bad, and Congress should do something to address it.  

“I challenge anyone to look back through history and find an example where the side that suppressed thought and speech wound up being remembered as the good guys.”   Sunday’s standout at the Bourne Bridge rotary on Route 28 is scheduled to begin at 12 p.m. and end at 2 p.m.

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