Kari MacRae: All You Need to Know about Rep. ‘Sanctuary Cities Bad Cape’ Muratore


“If you take a look at Matt Muratore’s liberal voting record on Beacon Hill and aren’t shocked and disgusted, then you aren’t a Republican!”

BOURNE, MA – Kari MacRae, the 2022 Republican nominee for State Senate in the Plymouth and Barnstable District and candidate for the open Senate seat in 2024, today called out State Rep. Matt Muratore, her challenger for the GOP nomination, for his liberal voting record in the legislature on several important issues confronted by residents on Cape Cod and the South Shore.

“Matt Muratore voted to protect ‘sanctuary cities’ in Massachusetts,” said MacRae.  “If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about Matt Muratore, I don’t know what to say.  Illegal immigration and the migrant crisis are huge problems for Massachusetts and especially the overburdened towns in Plymouth County and Barnstable County.  I can’t believe Muratore voted with the liberal Democrats on this issue.”

Muratore is kicking off his campaign for the GOP state Senate nomination next week with a series of events called the “Let’s give ‘em something to talk about!” tour.  MacRae said, “Matt Muratore’s liberal voting record certainly will give Republican primary voters a lot to talk about – and even more to be really upset about.”

“Matt Muratore is bad on illegal immigration, wasteful excessive spending, pay raises for legislators, gun control, giveaways for organized labor, John Kerry’s radical climate change agenda, public funding for Planned Parenthood and election integrity,” said MacRae.  “Based on his liberal voting record, Matt Muratore is running in the wrong primary, he should be running as a Democrat not as a Republican,” said MacRae. Matt’s liberal voting record should be a complete non-starter with Republican primary voters.”

A back-up document on Muratore’s voting record, based on the Conservative Political Action Committee’s legislative vote ratings, is attached to this press release.

“I’ve never been bashful about telling voters where I stand on the issues,” said MacRae.  “I’m from Barnstable, not Brookline.  I am proud of my common sense conservative values.  I think most people in the Plymouth and Barnstable Senate District share my people above politics philosophy.  My campaign is based on these values.  I’m running on these values, not running away from them.”

“I get it that Matt wants to give ‘em something to talk about,” said MacRae.  “With his liberal voting record, he’s accomplished that goal.  Now it’s time for Matt to start talking.  To paraphrase Lucille Ball’s famous demand of her TV husband: ‘Matty, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do!’  The Republican primary voters in Plymouth and Barnstable are listening …”

Matt Muratore’s Voting Record

Gives Republican Primary Voters Lots to Talk About

Worse than Alejandro Mayorkas on Illegal Immigration …

H 4400               Permitting Sanctuary Cities and Preventing Immigration Enforcement

2018 House      The Kulik (ACUF Lifetime 1%) amendment to an              Passed                Voted Liberal

appropriations bill obstructs the enforcement of              136 yea, 19

federal immigration laws by permitting                         nay

“sanctuary cities.”  The amendment blocks the Diehl (ACUF Lifetime 80%) amendment which Would have withheld state funding from localities which failed to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.  ACU supports efforts to assist the federal government in upholding its constitutional role to enforce our immigration laws and opposed this amendment.  The House voted to pass the Kulik amendment on April 25, 2018.

A bigger spender than Deval Patrick …

HB 4733 –         Advancing Reckless Fiscal Policy by Imposing $1.68 Billion in Debt on Taxpayers

2020 House      Perhaps no other bill better reflects the insanity              Passed                Voted Liberal

and irresponsibility that embodies the                          149 yea, 7

Massachusetts General Court than this measure              nay

which would place taxpayers over a billion dollars in debt.  Under the bill, $1.68 billion in bonds (debt) would be issued which taxpayers would be forced to repay with interest.  The funds are for general governmental infrastructure which should be funded through the regular budget process.  ACU recognizes Massachusetts already leads the country with the most per-capita debt at $11,043 per resident and recently had its credit rating downgraded by the S&P, with more credit agencies signaling similar adverse actions.  ACU believes it is insane to further plunge the most indebted state in the nation into greater disaster and opposed this bill.  The House passed the bill on May 20, 2020.

H 4800 –           Increasing Funding for Medicaid

2018 House      This motion increases funding for Medicaid by               Passed                Voted Liberal

overriding the Governor’s recommendation to              139 yea, 11

reduce funding by 0.4 percent in appropriations              nay

to the program within the budget.  The Governor noted in his recommendation that the reduction is intended to offset certain supplemental payments within Medicaid that are already funded.  ACU supports efforts to help people live happier, healthier, more productive lives by encouraging them to become more self-sufficient, supported the Governor’s recommended reduction as a small step in the right direction and opposed this motion to restore funding.  The House rejected the Governor’s recommendation to reduce funding on July 30, 2018.

H 4002 –           Expanding Government Bureaucracy Within the Office of Housing and Economic Development

2021 House      (Roll Call #80) Override the Governor’s reduction               Passed                Voted Liberal

to budget item #7004-0101 concerning an                   141 yea, 18

earmark for a new position within the Office               nay

of Housing and Economic Development.  ACU opposes driving-up taxpayer costs by creating additional unnecessary bureaucratic positions and opposed this override.  The House voted to override the Governor’s veto on July 28, 2021.

H 3400 –           Spending Reduction

2015 House      The House voted on the Governor’s                               Defeated           Voted Liberal

recommended $2 million reduction in increased       10 yea, 144

spending on “birth through preschool programs”              nay

called for in the General Appropriations Bill.  ACU supported the Governor’s more fiscally sound recommendations and supported the reduction. The House voted to override the Governor’s Recommendation on July 29, 2015.

H 3650 –           Pre-School Partnership Initiative

2015 House      The House voted on the Governor’s veto of the              Passed                Voted Liberal

pre-school partnership initiative, a new                        142 yea, 13

government program to plan for “opportunities              nay

for pre-school” for children as young as two years old in the General Appropriations Bill ACU supported the Governor’s veto of a new

Unneeded government program.  The House Voted to override the veto on July 29, 2015.

H 4800 –           Preventing a Reduction in Funding for the Massachusetts Cultural Council

2018 House      This motion increases funding for the                            Passed                Voted Liberal

Massachusetts Cultural Council by overriding              142 yea, 8

the Governor’s 13% reduction in appropriations              nay

to the council within the budget.  The council

engages in wasteful and unnecessary activities,

such as providing grants to nonprofit groups

which promote “inclusion, equity and diversity”

in the arts.  ACU opposes the use of taxpayer

funds for functions outside the proper,

constitutional role of government, and believes

the private sector is the best mechanism to

promote engagement in the arts, and opposed

this override to restore funding.  The House

rejected the governor’s recommendation to

reduce funding on July 27, 2018.





H 3800 –           Blocking Reduction of Funding for the Massachusetts Cultural Council


2017 House      The Governor proposed a 4% reduction in                   Passed                Voted Liberal

funding for the Massachusetts Cultural Council,              138 yea, 14

a wasteful agency that provides grants to artists               nay

and non-profit groups that promote “inclusion

and diversity” in the arts.  ACU opposes the use

of taxpayer funds for functions outside the

constitutional role of government, such as

“artwork,” and supported the Governor’s

proposal.  The House voted to override the

Governor’s veto and restore the funding on

September 13, 2017.



H 4461 –           Live Theater Subsidy


2016 House      The Collins amendment, to a bill subsidizing               Passed                Voted Liberal

business development, creates a tax credit                  127 yea, 27

to cover 35% of production and performance              nay

expenses, up to a total of $5 million, for live

theater productions that are “pre-Broadway”

or “Broadway tour productions” of shows.

ACU believes the government should not

serve the role of theatrical producer and

opposed this amendment.  The House

passed the amendment on July 7, 2016.



In the tank with House Speaker Ron Mariano …


H 3800 –           Reversing Extravagant Pay Raises Provided to State Legislators


2019 House      The Holmes (ACUF Lifetime 4%) amendment to              Defeated           Voted Liberal

the budget bill would partially reverse an                     5 yea, 152

enormous pay hike provided to the Speaker               nay

and leadership of both the Senate and the

House of Representatives.  In 2017, lawmakers

overrode a veto by Governor Baker to provide






state legislators, judges and the governor pay

raises which averaged a staggering 40% increase

and totaled over $18 million.  This amendment

would reduce the $80,000 raise provided to the

Speaker to “only” a $50,000 raise which would

result in the Speaker receiving an annual salary

of roughly $116,000.  The amendment makes

similar cuts to the raises provided to other

leadership positions.  ACU recognizes the state

had no trouble attracting candidates for the

legislature, the courts or the governor’s office,

considering the competitiveness of elections

and large sums of campaign spending.  ACU

opposed the enormous, unnecessary pay hike

provided in 2017, believes the pay hike should be

significantly rolled back for all the elected officials

for whom it was provided and supported this

amendment as a step in the right direction.  The

House defeated the amendment on April 25, 2019.



Trampling our constitutionally-protected 2nd Amendment rights …


H 4670 –           Seizing Firearms Without Due Process


2018 House      This bill, the final version of the so-called “Red              Passed                Voted Liberal

Flag Gun Bill,” permits the seizure of firearms              133 yea, 15

without due process, and failed to include any              nay

conservative reforms which would have been

a step toward protecting 2nd Amendment

rights.  Under this bill, certain individuals can

submit an ex parte (i.e. one-sided) petition to

a court for the issuance of an “extreme risk

protection order” which requires the

temporary seizure of firearms held by the

accused if they are considered a danger to

themselves or others simply due to possession

of a firearm.  ACU supports the founders’

belief in the 2nd Amendment, opposes the






seizure of any property, including firearms,

without due process and on the basis of

unchallenged accusations, and opposed this

bill.  The House passed the bill on June 28,




Organized labor’s best friend …


HB 5164 –         Forcing Taxpayers to Enrich the Union Bosses of the AFL-CIO


2020 House      This motion overrides the Governor’s veto of              Passed                Voted Liberal

budget item 7003-1207, thus providing the AFL-              131 yea, 26

CIO $150,000 of taxpayer funds for “workforce              nay

development programs.”  ACU opposes

weakening government integrity by utilizing

taxpayer funds to enrich the greedy union

bosses of the AFL-CIO and opposed this motion.

The House passed the motion on December 23,




More radical than John Kerry on Climate Change …


H 3994 –           Committing the State to the Paris Climate Treaty


2017 House      This bill commits the state to meeting the                    Passed                Voted Liberal

greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals laid              146 yea, 10

out in the Paris Climate Treaty.  In addition, the              nay

bill makes the state a “nonparty stakeholder”

in the accord and would direct state officials

to document their emissions reductions

efforts in a database developed by the United

Nations.  The ACU has long opposed the Paris

Climate Treaty and opposes this political stunt

to weaken the efforts of the Trump

administration to protect America’s interests.

The House voted to pass the bill on November

1, 2017.




RC 225 –            Left-Wing Wishlist of Green Agenda Policy Items


2022 House      This massive green bill establishes a Clean Energy              Passed                Voted Liberal

Investment Fund, an offshore wind industry               143 yea, 9

Investment program, an Electric Vehicle                       nay

Adoption Incentive Trust Fund, and numerous

other programs to help fund the Left’s radical

climate goals.  These particular programs will

provide financial incentives and other forms of

aid in order to advance the interests of the clean

energy industry.  CPAC supports all forms of

energy, does not believe that the government

should support one form of energy over another,

does not believe that the government should

support certain industries over others, and

opposed this bill.  The House passed this version

of the bill on July 21, 2022.



S 9 –                    Driving-Up Energy Costs Through a Draconian “Next-Gen Climate” Package (Version 1)


2021 House      (Roll Call #3) ACU supports all sources of energy,              Passed                Voted Liberal

believes government should not favor one source              144 yea, 14

of energy over another, opposes reducing                   nay

economic growth and raising energy costs and

opposed this bill.  The House passed the bill on

January 28, 2021.



S 9 –                    Driving-Up Energy Costs Through a Draconian “Next-Gen Climate” Package (Version 2)


2021 House      (Roll Call #15) Version with Governor Charlie               Passed                Voted Liberal

Baker’s amendments.  ACU supports all sources              145 yea, 14

Of energy, believes government should not favor              nay

one source of energy over another, opposes

reducing economic growth and raising energy

costs and opposed this bill.  The House passed

the bill with the Governor’s amendments on

March 18, 2021.




SB 2500 –          Driving-Up Energy Costs Through a Draconian “Next-Gen Climate” Package


2020 House      This bill advances a series of so-called “next-               Passed                Voted Liberal

generation climate” policies which will                          142 yea, 17

significantly drive-up energy costs and diminish              nay

economic growth.  Specifically, the bill worsens

state emissions goals to net-zero by 2050

(previously an 80% reduction), mandates more

off-shore wind power, and imposes numerous

other new mandates and programs.  ACU

supports all sources of energy, believes

government should not favor one source of

energy over another, and opposes reducing

economic growth and raising energy costs and

opposed this.  The House passed the bill on

July 31, 2020.



H 4002 –           Hiking Taxpayer Costs by Imposing New “Environmental Justice” Mandates on the Executive Branch


2021 House      (Roll Call #81) Override Governor’s stricken                 Passed                Voted Liberal

language within budget item #2000-0101                     135 yea, 24

concerning reporting of environmental justice              nay

initiatives.  ACU opposes unnecessarily driving

up taxpayer costs and restricting economic

growth through radical Leftist environmental

justice initiatives and opposed this override.

The House voted to override the Governor’s

veto on July 28, 2021.



More pro-choice than Elizabeth Warren …


H 3638 –           Providing $8 Million in Taxpayer Funds to Abortion Providers such as Planned Parenthood


2019 House      This bill provides $8 million in taxpayer funds to              Passed                Voted Liberal

family planning clinics that provide abortions              140 yea, 14

such as Planned Parenthood.  The bill is in                   nay

response to a Trump administration rule





which protects life by blocking Title X federal

taxpayer funds from going to clinics that offer

abortions or abortion referrals.  ACU believes

abortion is a human tragedy, supports

restrictions to end the practice, opposes

taxpayer funding of abortion providers and

opposed this bill.  The House passed the bill

on March 27, 2019.



S 2260 –            Weakening Protections for Unborn Children


2018 House      This bill further weakens protections for unborn              Passed                Voted Liberal

children by repealing a number of small                       138 yea, 9

provisions that restricted the practice of abortion.              nay

While most of the repeated provisions are

archaic in nature, the bill itself is designed as a

mechanism to weaken protections of the

unborn.  ACU believes abortion is a human

tragedy, supports restrictions on the practice

and opposed this bill.  The House passed the

bill on July 18, 2018.



RC 209 –            Exposing the Bureaucracy to More Radical Leftist Influences …


2022 House      This amendment to HB 4930 requires that                   Passed                Voted Liberal

government bureaucrats, when promulgating              136 yea, 17

certain regulations, work in tandem with                     nay

Planned Parenthood and LGBT+ organizations.

CPAC opposes the ideologies of these

institutions, does not believe that they should

assist in the creation of regulations and

opposed this amendment.  The House passed

this amendment on June 29, 2022.



RC 236 –            Converting Massachusetts into a Sanctuary State for Abortionists and Sexual Mutilation Surgeries






2022 House      This bill transforms “gender-affirming” health-              Passed                Voted Liberal

care and abortion procedures into legally                     137 yea, 16

protected activities.  CPAC opposes both                      nay

abortion and the Left’s conception of “gender-

affirming” healthcare and opposed this bill.

The House passed this bill on July 26, 2022.



RC 232 –            Making an Abortion Bill Even Worse


2022 House      This version of Massachusetts’ abortion bill                Passed                Voted Liberal

Declares that the passage of this bill constitutes              137 yea, 16

An emergency measure not only because of its              nay

Importance in protecting so-called “reproductive

freedoms,” but also because it allegedly protects

gender-affirming care procedures.  CPAC believes

that the Left’s vision of gender-affirming care is

harmful and opposes its expansion.  CPAC,

therefore, opposed this version.  The House

passed this report on July 26, 2022.



H 4009 –           Mandating Insurance Coverage of “Free” Contraceptives Without Religious Protections


2017 House      This bill forces all health insurers in the state to               Passed                Voted Liberal

Provide coverage for birth control without a co-              140 yea, 16

pay.  The bill also fails to provide any protections              nay

to employers who have a religious or moral

objection to providing contraceptive coverage

to their employees.  ACU opposes insurance

mandates and believes the use of contraceptives

is a matter of individual liberty and not something

others should be forced to pay for through higher

insurance premiums and opposed the bill.  The

House voted to pass the bill on November 8, 2017.









Bad on election integrity …


H 4834 –           Establishing Automatic Voter Registration Through Obamacare


2018 House      This bill completely flips the voter registration              Passed                Voted Liberal

process at registration agencies (such as                       134 yea, 16

Registrar of Motor Vehicles) by automatically              nay

registering individuals to vote and requiring

them to opt out.  Additionally, the bill requires

those enrolling in Obamacare, Medicaid or

welfare benefits to become registered to vote

by classifying both MassHealth and the Mass-

Health Connector as voter registration agencies.

Furthermore, the bill requires the state to

implement automatic voter registration by

2020, clearly aimed at influencing the outcome

of the presidential election.  ACU opposes

this political stunt and automatic voter

registration programs which encourage vote

fraud, which suppresses legal votes, and

opposed this bill.  The House passed this bill

on July 27, 2019.



Source:              CPAC Center for Legislative Accountability, Massachusetts Legislative Ratings




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