Randy Hunt is a Political Whore.

by Lonnie Brennan

Well, a quick review of Randy Hunt’s voting record will rapidly convince even the most discerning observer that Randy is a RINO (Republican in Name Only), but what is even worse is his donations.

Specifically, 18 days before the special election for the Cape’s senate seat, so-called “Republican” Randy Hunt donated to ACT Blue.

ACT Blue!!!!


Yes, THAT ACT Blue! The one that endorsed and supported (with big bucks) ultra extremist liberal Democrat Susan Moran in her race against Republican Jay McMahon.

Guess who donated via ACT Blue to Susan Moran?????

Act Blue is the financial arm of BLM that funnels donations to the DNC!

5/1/2020 Hunt, Randy
297 Quaker Meeting House Rd. East Sandwich, MA 02537
Individual CPA
Randy Hunt CPA PC
Credit Card

Here’s the report from Susan Moran’s OCFP Report:


That’s right – simple to connect the dots: So-called Republican Randy Hunt donated money on May 1, 2020 via credit card to a DEMOCRAT organization dedicated to elect LIBERAL EXTREMIST DEMOCRATS – ACT BLUE (not red, BLUE)! And, Randy Hunt CPA PC’s money was thus funneled to a Democrat. In this case, Susan Moran, the moonbat who slide into the recent senate election thanks to a certain town clerk who:
1. Refused to train poll workers.
2. Admitted 60% of the poll workers were new – and may have had connection to the Democrat Party and specifically the Moran campaign.
3. Resigned the day after the election. (Yeah, said he was tired, and planned to retire, and a very nice gentleman, but he didn’t do his job, didn’t follow the same routine he has the past couple of decades, didn’t train, didn’t supervise, and didn’t monitor the polling locations. In a nutshell, he was scared of Corona, so he let everything slide. He didn’t do his job, and hence why we received so many little stories of voting irregularities! Unfortunately, none came with video! Something we hope voters will remedy in the fall).)


Yes, that’s right. No oversight (he refused -claiming fears of Covid – to train and to provide oversight for the special election. And yes, there were multiple (although no video is available) reports of “ballot stuffing”.

Go figure!

So, so-called Republican Randy Hunt donated to a DEMOCRAT Political Action Committee that then donated to a Democrat Senate candidate….


No surprise. Hunt has a history of standing down, approving and supporting Democrats. A typical Charlie Baker “Republican.” He’s done his 10 years in the legislature, making NO, ZERO, ZIPPO advances for freedom, and will now collect 80% of his pay, for the rest of his life.

Randy Hunt. A political whore.

6 Replies to “Randy Hunt is a Political Whore.

  1. Wow. Too bad you are a 2 bit wanna be reporter who has to slander the hell out of someone you don’t even know- you’re just like the liberals who take a piece of information and exploit it as God’s word.
    I will never read this paper again- that is, until they get rid of you-

    1. Hi Susan.
      Sorry the truth hurts.
      Perhaps you also agree with Randy’s Facebook postings?
      If you haven’t seen it, the boy wonder received a letter from one of his constituents.
      He didn’t like the letter, so he posted it online, along with the 75-year old woman’s home address, phone number, and photograph.
      Very sweet of him.
      Her first phone call was from someone threatening her from BLM.
      But, that’s just Randy being Randy.
      Glad he’s quitting and headed to Texas.

    1. Hi.
      Well, Randy is a funny guy, so it’s so much fun to see how he lists himself and his employment.

      Just go to and enter Put in Hunt under name and then Moran as candidate.

      It’s so much fun with Randy: the liberal Republican who like to hand seats to Democrats.

      Randy is funny. He actually lists his occupation as CPA ActBlue.

    2. If you go to her report, it says:

      5/1/2020 Hunt, Randy
      297 Quaker Meeting House Rd. East Sandwich, MA 02537 Individual CPA Randy Hunt CPA PC Actblue Credit Card $100.00

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