Budget Cuts for Residents Because Mass. Gov. Healey and Democrat Legislature is Spending Millions of Dollars Monthly for Illegals


Senator Tarr’s Statement on Governor’s Mid-Year FY24 Budget Cuts


Boston – Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester) released the following statement today regarding the Governor’s mid-year budget cuts for Fiscal Year 2024:


“The significant budget cuts announced today by Governor Healey are unfortunate, but necessary steps to reconcile the state budget with both the economic realities facing our state and unsustainable new spending initiatives, such as those relating to the influx of migrants entering the Commonwealth at a cost of millions of dollars monthly.


The necessity of these cuts is a clarion call for all of us in state government to reevaluate and reform the things that continue to drive dramatic increases in state spending, which threaten our fiscal stability and the essential things people depend on from our state.


Simultaneously, we must boldly confront the high costs of living in Massachusetts that have driven thousands of taxpayers to leave, taking with them the revenue that our budgets depend on. We cannot continue the trends of spiking costs and declines in the population of the people needed to support those costs without risking the financial present and future of our state.”



Editor’s Note: it’s nice to see Senator Tarr speaking out. In the past, he has never endorsed a Republican against a sitting Democrat Rep. in his district. He also has long long history of voting in favor of all budgets.

2 Replies to “Budget Cuts for Residents Because Mass. Gov. Healey and Democrat Legislature is Spending Millions of Dollars Monthly for Illegals

  1. For many months now, the citizen taxpayers of Massachusetts have been ignored by Healey and the state political leadership. Veterans, working poor and elderly sleep outdoors after becoming homeless. Meanwhile, illegal aliens live in higher end hotels on the taxpayers money. Millions a month of state tax dollars spent to help illegal aliens live better than most of our middle class. The once proud MBTA is a dysfunctional failure. Road ragers and other reckless drivers own our state highways. One can drive from the mid South Shore to the beginings of the North Shore without seeing a state police patrol. Healey cuts the budget on those who pay taxes and obey laws so that those who come to take can get more. I guess that the working class don’t mind this. Most of them now stay home on election days.

  2. Its in today’s Boston Herald ,that due to Healey’s budget cuts ,many fire departments in this state will not receive much needed state funds. Less for citizens and more for those who come to take.

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