Clarification: Broadside Does Not Support ‘Jew-Hating’ Candidate


I just want to be 100% clear: neither I, nor the Boston Broadside support the Boston candidate for MassGOP state committee seat Lori Kauffman.  While part of the girl appears sane, the other part is hateful attacks to so many people, and apparently most of the Jewish population on the planet. (Yes, she claims to be a Jew who hates Jews – figure that one out??)

I personally made a mistake. The details are useless, but the bottom line is, I found a way to publicly make a comment about her after Facebook and Twitter (x) posts I tried to post did not appear (blocked?).  With regret, I slipped a digit, really stepped into it, and meant to pay $10 to leave an online post through a certain service. It appeared with an extra digit, and they are in the process of refunding my personal credit card for the extra balance. Hey, $10 to leave a comment – yeah, I know, crazy. Perhaps the biggest mistake I’ve made in a long long time.

I should have simply ignored this candidate. But I did like that she exposed a certain bad actor politician – and for that, figured she must have some guts to do so, but sadly, a broken watch is correct twice/day. Again, my mistake.

Kauffman appears half sane, half insane. She volunteers for Big Sisters, but at the same time has doubled-down on her ride to HELL with her twisted hatred towards the Jewish people; She recently joined forces with the Rizollis and Diana Ploss. TO BE CLEAR, neither I, nor the Broadside support these people. We condemn them.  Diana has lost her way, living on her new-found fame of a hater of Jews. The Rizolis just hate Jews and would join the Nazi party if they had a chance and it were 1939. I know, I asked one of them years ago before blocking all communication with the hate-filled guy.

My apologies.

Kauffman has issues. I hope someday she realizes the errors in her ways.

Neither the Broadside, nor myself support her nor her candidacy, and neither does the MassGOP which issued a condemnation of her actions.

Lonnie Brennan
publisher of the Boston Broadside



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