Baker Plummets to 23% – Diehl Offers An Alternative to Baker for the Republican Primary

E-mail sent today from the Diehl team:

Diehl Rising, Baker Plummeting



November 30, 2021


Voters in Massachusetts are turning their attention towards the match-up of the Governor’s Race, and recent polling suggests that Geoff Diehl holds a strong lead over Governor Charlie Baker in a Republican primary matchup.


According to Northwind Strategies’ recent polling, “Baker’s favorability rating is just 23 percent among Republican general-election voters and leaners while 68 percent view the governor unfavorably. Diehl is viewed favorably by 49 percent of Republicans and leaners and 10% unfavorably.”


Baker Plummets to 23%


This follows polling last month by Public Policy Polling, showing Diehl with a 50-29 lead over Baker in a primary match up. Diehl 50-Baker 29


Diehl is working on building support amongst delegates for the Massachusetts Republican Convention in May of 2022. Diehl Hustling for Delegates While Baker Mulls Choice


Today is the last day of the month, and a great opportunity to support the Diehl campaign for Governor, either by sending a check to:

Diehl for Massachusetts, 7 Cataumet Street, Worcester, MA

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Diehl for Massachusetts | 7 Cataumet Street, Worcester, MA 01606


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