McMahon for Attorney General – Andrea ‘Anti-Police’ Campbell Will Not Debate

“Democrats talk a lot about equity, justice, a seat at the table, a voice in government. I agree!” said McMahon in the video.

“So that begs the question. Why don’t they debate?”

“Andrea Campbell won’t debate because she’s scared. She’s scared I’m going to ask tough questions about her stance against our cops. Well, I get it.”

“Her father and brother spent their lives in prison. I was a Lt. in the Military Police and a former local cop on Cape Cod. So, her upbringing and my experiences… they’re different. I know that. Fine. So, Let’s debate it!” said McMahon.

2 Replies to “McMahon for Attorney General – Andrea ‘Anti-Police’ Campbell Will Not Debate

  1. Ms. Campbell has little legal experience. She got elected to the Boston City Council in an extreme low voter turnout election. She has no new ideas to fight crime or to protect consumers.

  2. The Boston Herald and Peter Lucas had good articles about Mr. McMahon yesterday. Campbell has no experience. Apathy and low voter turnout are Campbell’s biggest asset.

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