BOSTON FIRST REPSPONDERS: Termination of Boston Police Sergeant Shana Cottone & Police Officer Joseph Abasciano


Boston, MA

Boston First Responders United

March 13, 2023


Termination of Boston Police Sergeant Shana Cottone & Police Officer Joseph Abasciano


“Today the Boston Police Department, at the direction of Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, terminated two tenured, decorated police officers, Sergeant Shana Cottone and Police Officer Joseph Abasciano. The cases against both officers are both politically motivated and retaliation for speaking out in support of personal choice and freedom of speech. Exculpatory evidence provided during both officers’ respective disciplinary hearings was summarily ignored by those in charge of ensuring fair trials.”

“Texts and emails obtained via Records Requests show Boston Police’s Internal Affairs Command staff and Mayor Wu’s cabinet level staff colluding to violate the rights of these employees. These officers, and all others like them, are who the community needs on the streets to stop the Derek Chauvin’s of law enforcement, to report the Patrick Rose Sr’s, and to speak up, instead of coverup, when the Michael Cox’s of the community are attacked by fellow cops and left for dead. Boston deserves police officers who will speak out against injustice no matter the source, who will not blindly hold the thin blue line, but will speak truth to power, no matter what. Boston also deserves a Mayor who will support those very types of officers, not fire them.”

“All questions can be directed toward the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association and Boston Police Superior Officers Federation.”

2 Replies to “BOSTON FIRST REPSPONDERS: Termination of Boston Police Sergeant Shana Cottone & Police Officer Joseph Abasciano

  1. In a free nation, one shouldn’t be fired or retaliated against because of free speech or having a different opinion. In recent years this is becoming more common in the U.S.. Mayor Wu and her ideological cohorts support free speech and thought. That is, if ones speech and thoughts agree with them only. Otherwise, like a totalitarian system they blackball and cast aside those who have free thoughts. Sad.

  2. Hopefully the fired Boston cops will get a good lawyer to defend their rights. Mayor Wu only supports the rights of those who think like her. She is a carpetbagger from the outer suburbs of Chicago who won in the November 2021 election where over 70% of registered Bostonians didn’t vote in. High rents and crime have driven out to the suburbs large numbers of working class Bostonians who lived there for generations.
    It seems everytime Mayor Wu is on the tv news, city council president Ed Flynn is next to her like a puppy dog nodding his head. He continues the sneaky two faced politics that his father perfected. If the words me, myself and I were taken out of the English language Ray Flynn wouldn’t be able to speak English. Flynn liked everyone to think that he was Mr. Irish. His son had no problem ignoring Irish history when he rushed to have tea and cake with the British Royals at Boston City Hall a few months back. The Flynn’s don’t have the courage to speak out for these officers who were wrongly fired.

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