Mass. House Democrats Vote to Give Driver Licenses to Illegals


WOBURN — Democrats controlling Beacon Hill voted Wednesday afternoon inside a locked-down State House to pass a law allowing individuals who illegally entered the country with the ability to apply for Massachusetts driver’s licenses.

Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman Jim Lyons said the law, once enacted, will only encourage more illegal border crossings, adding to the record influx witnessed in 2021 and 2022.

“The idea that individuals can cut in line and illegally enter the United States of America, then be rewarded with the privilege of obtaining a Massachusetts driver’s license, shows yet again just how far left the state Legislature has become,” Lyons said. “This new law will only serve to encourage more illegal immigration and make the problem much worse.”

Democrats also predictably squashed an amendment that would require the Registry of Motor Vehicles to provide identifying information to cities and town clerks “seeking to verify the identity and eligibility of any individual using a Massachusetts license to vote or to register to vote.”

All but eight Democrats voted in favor of the new law. Republicans voted unanimously in opposition, but the roll call vote passed (see below) with a veto-proof majority and now heads to the state Senate. Independent Susannah Whipps of Athol cast a vote in support. [Editor’s Note: Whipps ran and got elected as a Republican in her district, then flipped to “independent” and has been voting with the Democrats ever since.]




Lyons said the MassGOP will work to ensure that every single voter living in districts represented by Democrats who supported the new law will be reminded repeatedly between now and Election Day in November.

“Every radical leftist who voted to pass this atrocious legislation is now officially on record as a supporter of lawless illegal immigration,” Lyons said. “To put the priorities of individuals who enter our country illegally above those of American citizens shows just how much contempt the Democrats have for America.

“Fortunately, voters are watching. I believe they’ve had enough and will act appropriately nine months from now.”

3 Replies to “Mass. House Democrats Vote to Give Driver Licenses to Illegals

  1. It’s in todays Boston Herald as to how Baker dismisses the alleged 2,100 who were given drivers licenses by RMV without a road test as an isolated problem by “low level” RMV workers. The Brockton RMV workers who were supposed to make sure that people given licenses can drive and obey laws sounds like a high level job of importance. Road safety never was a priority of Baker. The Mass State Police rank very low nationally for giving out traffic tickets. Now the state legislature wants to make road safety worse by giving licenses to illegal aliens. As long as more than 60% don’t vote, the jokers on Beacon Hill will continue to work against citizens well being. Do they like being ignored? If 10% more voted then Massachusetts would become a more moderate state.

  2. The states that have granted drivers licenses to illegal aliens have seen an increase in driving mishaps. The Mass State Legislature ignores these facts. Not one of those state reps who pushed this bill would ever think of passing a law to help the elderly, veterans or working class. Prior to the Weld era, Massachusetts law enforcement of traffic laws ranked high. The state police, Metropolitan(MDC) Police and Registry of Motor Vehicles Inspectors were active in ticketing speeders, road ragers and careless drivers. Then Weld abolished the MDC and Registry Police into the State Police. Thus the poor enforcement of traffic laws in this state..

  3. Isn’t it interesting how we vote these “no good people” into office to do what we want ….then they turn around and do what they want ?!!?!?!?!??! GET THEM OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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