Republican Ron Kaufman Destroyed on Mass. Talk Radio

SATURDAY – JULY 18, 2020 – Politically Speaking, billed as “The most Talked About Up-and-Coming Saturday Morning Radio Program in Massachusetts” featured a segment on long-term Republican National State Committeeman Ron Kaufman. This is the guy who tops the ticket in Massachusetts, elected by the Republican State Committee to be their liaison to the Republican National Committee, and to find and support candidates throughout Mass. politics.

Just one problem: Ron has been a failure according to those on the radio show.

Ron Kaufman 10+ years ago making a point in one of his quarterly (at best) appearances in Massachusetts at a Republican State Committee meeting in Newton.

On the recent “Politically Speaking” radio show broadcast on WVBF 1530 AM servicing “Brockton, Middleboro, and Beyond”, weekend host and former Republican State Committeeman Larry Novak noted that the national guy, Ron Kaufman, is a sham, using Massachusetts, and giving nothing back, except trinkets and baubles that EVERY state national committeeman has to give. (Silly convention gear, etc.)

In talking about Kaufman’s horrific reign at the helm, Novak reflected “maybe it’s because he doesn’t live in Massachusetts. He resides in Virginia. He is not a resident of the Commonwealth. He uses his sister’s address in Weymouth. He hasn’t been a resident of the Commonwealth since ‘84. And probably longer than that.”

“But why do the Republican members of the state committee elect him?” Novak asked, “when you look at them, they are robots, marching to orders.”

He went on to detail how Kaufman “doesn’t live here. He doesn’t work here. He doesn’t understand Massachusetts. “

On the show, it was noted how Kaufman serves in a position of power with the RNC, but that position has not resulted in benefits or growth of the Republican Party in Massachusetts.

With one year as an exception (2010 Tea Party national sweep) “we’ve only declined since he’s been at the helm.” Those on the show agreed, Kaufman has outstayed his welcome, using Mass., and giving so little back.

A vote is scheduled this month and challengers are expected to emerge this year, as was noted on the radio segment, without a Massachusetts strong presence, active, on the ground, the downward trend will continue.

3 Replies to “Republican Ron Kaufman Destroyed on Mass. Talk Radio

  1. Don’t you think it would be appropriate to also identify Republican gadfly Larry Novak as Convicted Felon and disbarred Attorney Larry Novak. One would expect as much from the holy than thou Boston Broadside.

    1. Perhaps you could comment on the substance of his arguments.
      Perhaps address a few the decline of the Rs in Mass to a footnote?
      4 out of 40 senators
      31 out 160 reps
      no statewide offices other than Baker & Politio

      Facts, from anyone, are hard things to ignore.

  2. It seems to me that the Massachusetts Republican Party as a whole is totally ineffective as a politcal party. The Statewide offices held by Baker and Politio may as well be Democrat. I don’t know an exact number but I believe many of the Republican (so called) Reps and Senators are Baker backed and therefor not really Republican. It’s hard for those of us who want a more balanced state government to even know who to vote for.

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