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We Don’t Have a Democrat Problem … We have a Republican Party Problem


by Adam Lange

We don’t have a Democrat problem in our state. They are firing on all cylinders. Fighting the fight each day. Always moving the ball down the field. If I was a Democrat, I’d be trying to do the same thing. Winning. They understand that politics has become a blood sport, and they take no hostages on their jihad against conservative values in our state. Men in the girls’ room, check! Assault weapons ban, check! Red Flag Law, check! Voting by mail, check! Destruction of law enforcement, in the queue. Late term abortion, in the queue. Sanctuary State, in the queue. This is death by 1000 cuts. We as conservatives are bleeding out, yet few leaders have risen up to put down the insurgence.

Which brings me back to my original statement. We don’t have a Democrat problem. We have a wedge driven through the Republican Party by our liberal GOP governor. Remember, President Trump has a 90% plus approval rating nationwide. But we leave that unity at the Massachusetts state line because Charlie Baker is a rabid anti-Trumper, and many of our GOP elected officials are servant to him for political favors. This has left their conservative constituents to sort it out individually, and pick a side.

It’s a dysfunctional situation. Without unity, we can’t muster the troops by conventional political means.

The Baker people are still sipping Chardonnay while their freedoms are being stripped away, and appear oblivious to the jihad occurring right outside their gated retirement communities. The Trump supporters are at the curb, typically void of GOP elected officials, standing their ground to the dismay of both Baker and Democrats.

So how do we keep the patient alive during the era of Charlie Baker? How do we provide a homeroom of sorts, where conservatives can not only unite, but grow to defend conservative values in their community?

You lead from the bottom, aka grassroots. You become the conservative voice in your community. You take the slings and arrows from the radical left that your GOP representative has chosen to avoid. If you’re taking flak, it just means you are over the target. When conservatives see you fighting for them, most will join you, and some will even offer to help lead.

This is our story at United Cape Patriots. We continue to add members every week because we never stop giving conservatives a voice. As we grow, our voice gets stronger.

We are in the paper, on the radio, and at the bridge every weekend reminding all that Cape Cod is MAGA Country. No elected officials required.  ♦

2 Replies to “We Don’t Have a Democrat Problem … We have a Republican Party Problem

  1. Don’t fall for the biggest orchestrated scam in our history! THE VIRUS! This is an enormous plan to keep Trump from his rallies, stop any debates, keep joe and his far left socialist plans under raps and to get mail in fraudulent votes!
    When I see those Biden signs I realize how easily the press has corrupted the thinking process of these, now, anti Americans.
    Is this how the Communists took over Venezuela?

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