Boston First Responders United REJECT Calderone and his “hope and beg the mayor” Sniveling


Boston First Responders United is pleased to announce that the members of the Boston Police Patrolman’s Association’s voices have been finally heard!

In a resounding, and almost record setting turnout, the members of the BPPA said in one, clear voice, “WE WILL NOT COMPLY! SCIENCE OVER POLITICS”. The members rejected failed leader President Larry Calderone’s manipulative attempts to “negotiate a surrender” with his ‘Tammany Hall friend’, Mayor Michelle Wu. The BPPA membership has joined with the increasingly louder and stronger voices from their sister unions in saying to the Mayor: “Our collectively bargained rights and, more importantly, our civil rights as Americans are not up for negotiations.” Period. Full Stop!

President Calderone, after physically locking out dues paying BPPA members to THEIR union hall, invited the media in for a press conference following the landslide vote. There, he was sanctimoniously quoted in the Boston Herald as saying, “I would hope and beg the mayor…”. This language alone is an example of why and how the Boston First Responders United (BFRU) group was formed. It is clear by today’s vote that the members of the BPPA recognize THEY are being coerced and manipulated by President Larry Calderone and Mayor Michelle Wu.

BFRU wants to thank the Boston Fire 718, Boston Police Superiors Federation and the Detectives Association for standing up for their members and our members at the BFRU, who belong to those Unions. Sadly, however, it appears that the BPPA and the Boston Teachers Union under failed figurehead Jessica Tang’s “leadership” are still willing to “beg” in secret negotiations and “hope” that “their” members don’t hold them accountable. Unfortunately for them, BFRU is here to hold them, the Mayor and the absent Boston City Council accountable.

Today’s vote shows we truly are STRONGER TOGETHER & WE WILL HOLD THE LINE!


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  1. I agree. The vaccine is un-proven. Huge numbers of people are getting Covid after getting the vaccines and boosters. A significant amount of people have had adverse reactions after getting the vaccine. These facts make many reasonably doubt the vaccine. Mayor Wu got elected in Boston with under 20% of the vote. 72% of Boston’s registered voters didn’t even vote in the November election. A large percent of Boston’s cops and firefighters live in the suburbs and don’t vote in Boston. If many still lived in Boston, they could have gotten 5 or 10 percent of the vote out to oppose Wu and elected the slightly more moderate Essabi-George. It’s in today’s Boston Herald as to how Wu hired a new chief of staff, Ms. Chu. Like Wu, she is a leftist carpetbagger. Her big cause is snow plowing equity. According to the Howie Carr article, Ms. Chu wants to end gender discrimination in snow plowing. Is there such a thing? It’s xenophobia and bad when an Irish-American, Italian-American etc. politician hires their own ethnicity. It is fine though when woke, carpetbaggers like Wu hire their own ethnicity. I don’t fully blame the woke carpetbaggers who took over state and Boston politics. I do fully blame the majority of people who don’t vote and allow extreme out of touch carpetbaggers to get elected with 18% of the vote.

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