ILLEGALS: Cape Cod Finds Leaders to Fight Back Against Covert Immigrant Housing


ILLEGALS: Cape Cod Finds Leaders to Fight Back Against Covert Immigrant Housing

by Atty. Robert Snider
Boston Broadside Columnist
Former Suffolk County
Assistant District Attorney

In the Supreme Court’s Plyler vs. Doe case, decided in 1983, five liberal justices burdened American classrooms with the children of illegal aliens, thus raiding the educational funds of taxpayers and commandeering teacher time from the children of citizens.

Texas had passed a law providing that school districts should deny enrollment of children who were not “legally admitted” into the U.S. Justice Brennan, writing for the one vote majority, admitted that public education is not a constitutional right but ruled that education is somehow more than a mere “benefit.” By a one vote majority they found the Texas law unconstitutional and thus equated illegal alien children to the children of citizens.

Taking the hint in 1983, Massachusetts Governor Dukakis, a progressive globalist, transformed a benefit into a statutory “right to shelter” by sleight of hand. Assuming that the intent of the law was to help citizens of the commonwealth, the public did not foresee that the beneficiaries would be tens of thousands of illegal aliens. In 2014, Obama took advantage of the Plyler open door when thousands of “unaccompanied children” suddenly appeared at the border.

A strategy was set on how they would implement a policy that they knew would be unpopular once the costs in educational time and funds were revealed. First, act in secret and suppress the truth and cost to taxpayers. Next, with President Biden, sabotage the border and then hide illegals across the country. Just like the states of the Confederacy, progressives believed that they may opt out of the federal system, ignoring laws by becoming sanctuary cities and states. There is a difference between a citizen who needs help because he got sick or lost his job and an illegal alien who broke our laws and placed himself and his family in peril.

Governor Maura Healey is happy to accommodate President Biden’s open border agenda by taking in illegal aliens. That Cape Cod has a number of motels and hotels, together with housing at the Joint Base Cape Cod (the former Otis Air Force base), attracted her attention.

Governor Healey followed the usual plan: secrecy, refusal to provide information and stonewalling accountability. Without notifying the Town of Yarmouth, 25 illegal alien families (that is 82 individuals) were moved into the recently renovated Harborside Suites. The governor called for federal funds but did not ask Biden to close the border.

In American history there have been crises confronted by political unknowns roused to action.

This has now happened on the Cape. Two patriotic, talented women, Eileen Starrs and Cheryl Ball, met during a Labor Day weekend rally in Yarmouth. Cheryl, who had no prior political experience, organized the rally and created Cape Cod Concerned Citizens as a social organization on Facebook. With Eileen’s media connections and background in politics, the pair had perfect synergy.

The day before the rally, Cheryl appeared on both Howie Carr’s and Ed Lambert’s radio programs. Their effectiveness impressed Ed Lambert who opined that, “In my estimation, Concerned Citizens has shown a tremendous ability to organize a sincere, thoughtful response to conditions affecting us all. Cheryl is passionate but diplomatic in trying to reform/change areas of concern that local town leaders seem incapable of altering.” Courageous leadership attracts attention. Six days after forming their group, Eileen went national by arranging for a Newsmax interview.

At a Yarmouth Board of Selectmen meeting held shortly after the rally, a selectman stated that there were 25 new Yarmouth students from the Harborside group and that the commonwealth said they would reimburse the Town at $18,720/student. However, the average cost per student is $21,557. In addition, there is a total of 162 immigrant students in Yarmouth schools.

Concerned Citizens has a Facebook group with membership soon to exceed 6,000. We cannot remain slumped on our couches while elected representatives silently throw up their hands, deaf to reality. This is the moment when the leadership and the vehicle to defend citizenship and sovereignty are combined.

You may find Cape Cod Concerned Citizens on Facebook and at their website, Donations are vital to their mission and much appreciated.   ♦


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