Bruce Chester Calls Out Democrat Enabler ‘Rubber-Stamp’ Durant


Bruce Chester Calls Out Democrat Enabler ‘Rubber-Stamp’ Durant



Candidate for Mass. State Senate

The Massachusetts state legislature passed a $56.2 billion spending package this past week. But if you’re looking to see relief for senior citizens, renters, small businesses, and middle-income families, you’ll be looking for a long time. For that matter, if you’re even looking to see basic transparency about the budget process, you’ll need to look somewhere else.

One thing you won’t have to look too hard for though, is a budget that continues the trend of rewarding large corporations, ignoring ordinary people, and contributing the out-of-control costs of living that make it hard for so many to continue living in our beautiful state.

All of this is disappointing enough, but even more disappointing is that Peter Durant, a Republican from Worcester’s 6th District, joined Jonathan Zlotnik, a Democrat from Worcester’s 2nd District, in voting for this mess. Durant and Zlotnik are joined at the hip when it comes to making the cost of living higher and daily life harder for the good people of this state. Now, they both want a promotion, to represent the State Senate from the Worcester & Hampshire District. Would we notice a difference between the two?

This is simply not acceptable. The special election for this open state Senate seat offers Republicans a unique opportunity. A GOP win in this race would give the party four Senate seats, the minimum threshold needed to force transparency and put voters on the record.

But how are we going to force transparency when one of our own is feeding the problem and voting with the Democrats? The fourth Republican in the State Senate must simply have the principles and gumption to stand up to business as usual and force action.

Bruce Chester is the man for the job. A retired U.S. Army Captain who served in the Iraq War, Bruce isn’t going to be cowed by Democratic pressure. A man of the middle class himself, Bruce knows all too well the costs of these continued failures by our elected officials. And as one who already has a fulfilling career as an educator, Bruce isn’t going to Beacon Hill simply to get along or to fulfill personal ambitions—he’s going because he knows work has to be done.

That’s why we need Bruce Chester to be our Republican nominee in this open race for the Worcester & Hampshire state Senate seat. Bruce represents a real alternative to the status quo. Durant and Zlotnik are business-as-usual.

Circle the dates and make a plan to vote—Tuesday, October 10 for the Republican primary, and then a quick turnaround to come back on Tuesday, November 7 for the general election.

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  1. The Massachusetts Democratic junta has set its sights on the members of the Catholic Church and is punishing those of that faith who wish to foster or adopt children unless they insure that the child is allowed access to a LGBTQI lifestyle even though it contradicts their own beliefs. They hold no other religion to this standard when seeking adoption or fostering. It ironic this change to the policy occurred during the term of the first openly gay governor.

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