Broadside Endorses Diehl/Allen Team — Broadside Endorsements, Massachusetts Part 1




First, no candidate is perfect. Not Reagan, not Lincoln, not Churchill –
so put aside your 100% litmus test because you’ll never make any forward progress if you don’t find and support a good or a great candidate, rather than sitting on your hands waiting for a perfect candidate.

No one is coming to save you. You have have to rely on yourself. Ask yourself one simple question, at least 5 times this month: what would an adult do? An adult would find a good or great candidate and support him or her. (Yes, only two genders.)

The Broadside urges our readers to select one or two candidates and send them $25, $50, $100 or more. Yes, $25 to some of our readers is a lot. To some, $500 is a drop in the bucket. So, please pick a good person and make the donation. With your support, they can make the lives of fat-cat Democrats a tad more inconvenient. So, let’s help these candidates give the dems hell! With the support of many, they can topple a few.

Here’s a short list – part 1 – of endorsements:

One Reply to “Broadside Endorses Diehl/Allen Team — Broadside Endorsements, Massachusetts Part 1

  1. Today in the Boston Herald is an article by reporter Matt Medsger on Mr. Diehl’s campaign event in Boston. A very biased piece of reporting to say the least. Instead or reporting on the event like a journalist. Medsger interjects his pro-Healey bias. He states in the article that Healey’s views are in line with state voters. She is the most ineffective state Attorney General in Massachusetts history. Her record on consumer rights, fighting public and corporate corruption is non existent. Whether one supports Diehl or not, he deserves better reporting on his campaigning than a bias propaganda piece in favor of Healey. Huge numbers of Bay Staters think that Healey is a useless AG. If 10 to 20% more bothered to vote then out of touch politicians like Healey would be defeated on election day.

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