‘FLIM FLAM FLANAGAN’: Ron Beaty Says That Representative Flanagan’s Illicit Actions Are a Brazen Betrayal of Public Trust: Resignation Demanded


“Ron Beaty Says That Representative Flanagan’s Illicit Actions Are a Brazen Betrayal of Public Trust: Resignation Demanded”

Barnstable (Cape Cod), MA: Monday, May 6, 2024 – Massachusetts State Representative Chris Flanagan’s brazen disregard for campaign finance law and deliberate deception of regulators has betrayed the public trust and undermined the integrity of the political process. As Democratic State Representative for the 1st Barnstable District, Flanagan’s egregious violations have left no choice but to demand his immediate resignation. County Commissioner Candidate Ron Beaty is leading the call for Flanagan’s resignation.

“Flanagan’s actions are a shocking affront to the people of Massachusetts and a slap in the face to the democratic process,” said Ron Beaty, Republican candidate for Barnstable County Commissioner. “His continued presence in the State House would be a mockery of the integrity and transparency that our government demands.”

Flanagan’s violations include:

– Creating an alias to conceal his financial role in a political mailer, in clear violation of state campaign finance law

– Failing to disclose thousands of dollars in campaign contributions and expenditures

– Deceiving regulators and the public about his involvement in the political mailer

These actions have undermined the trust and confidence of his constituents and damaged the political process as a whole. Flanagan’s deception has also betrayed the trust of his colleagues and the people of Massachusetts, who expect honesty and integrity from their elected officials.

 “Flanagan’s actions have sent a dangerous message that politicians can engage in illegal behavior with impunity,” said Beaty. “This would undermine the integrity of the political process and damage the public’s trust in government even further. The people of Massachusetts deserve better than a representative who is willing to deceive and manipulate for personal gain.”

 Massachusetts Speaker of the House Ronald Mariano has also condemned Flanagan’s actions, stating that “Representative Flanagan’s behavior was wrong and the OCPF findings are certainly concerning and have been addressed by the appropriate regulatory authorities. The House has its own procedures for investigating complaints regarding Members, should that process be initiated.”

Speaker Mariano’s condemnation is a clear indication of the severity of Flanagan’s infractions and the need for accountability.

“The people of Massachusetts demand better from their elected officials,” said Beaty. “Flanagan’s resignation is the only acceptable outcome. We urge citizens to contact their representatives and demand that they take a stand against Flanagan’s actions and call for his immediate resignation.”

Beaty’s campaign is built on a platform of integrity, transparency, and accountability. He is committed to serving the people of Barnstable County with honesty and integrity, and to restoring the public’s trust in government.

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