Let Charles Jaynes Rot in Jail, Then Burn in Hell

From our printed June 1, 2020 EDITION

by Jeri Levasseur

Charles Jaynes is lucky to be alive and breathing the air in his jail cell after what he did to Jeffrey Curley. He is even more lucky because his sordid and evil acts almost brought the death penalty back to Massachusetts except for one lousy vote. If most of the people in Mass. had their say, he would have burnt in hell a thousand times over.

This revolting monster has a parole hearing on June 30. Jaynes would like to be out of prison to pretend everything he did to Jeffrey and his family never happened. But there are many of us who will not forget what he did. Especially the Curley family and their many friends.

Murder in the second degree in Massachusetts is vague. It is defined in the statute as a catchall for murder not deemed murder in the first. If that does not make sense, welcome to the club.

Every parent in Mass. should be shivering in their shoes at the thought of this stomach-turning degenerate being released on parole. In October 1997 a young boy named Jeffrey Curley was kidnapped, raped and murdered by Charles Jaynes, 22, and Salvatore Sacari, 21.  They offered to replace Jeffrey’s recently stolen bicycle in exchange for sex.

Jeffrey refused and Jaynes killed him in the back seat of a car by smothering the child with a gas-soaked rag, and then brought him to an apartment in Manchester, N.H. where his corpse was sexually molested. FBI labs confirmed that the boy died from suffocating from the gas-soaked rag.

Charles Jaynes will say that he is rehabilitated and is a different and improved version of himself. Wicca is his new religion, a form of paganism which worships nature and involves magical rituals.  Sometimes followers take new names, but the court ruled in 2012 it was not necessary for Jaynes to change his name to practice this religion.

His attorney will talk about how unsafe it is for him to be in prison due to COVID-19. After all, he might get sick and die. He will say he has served time and is a better person than he was at 21. Jaynes will say he is sorry and repents for his mortal sin.

All this will be said despite a former inmate hearing Jaynes yelling at other inmates and saying, “I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. I would pull him out of the grave and do it again and again.”

Charles Jaynes should never see the light of day. He is a sick and twisted individual who given the opportunity would commit this act again. Would you want him tormenting and molesting your child? ♦

Jeri Levasseur is a Republican political activist.  

2 Replies to “Let Charles Jaynes Rot in Jail, Then Burn in Hell

  1. We all remember. We all know what Charles did. It was premeditated. There is no excuse to let this man out of prison. The system is just following their rules. He should have gotten life instead of Sicari but he got the case tried out of this area which worked to his advantage. This is the way I understand it. Yes, everyone should be scared.

  2. My Mother actually testified in this case, and it has left her with PTSD and anxiety she was an acquaintance of Jaynes and was even on a list of people he wanted to kill next he did many scary and harmful things to my mother and her friends I hope this man rots in prison for the rest of his life.

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