New super PAC enters GOP governor’s race Tied To Mass. Liberal Abortion-Promoting Trump-Hating Gov. Charlie Baker

MasterList reported earlier today that a new new SuperPac has entered the governor’s race.

The super PAC is chaired by Michael Valanzola, a former candidate for state Senate and chief operating officer in Gov. Charlie Baker’s Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs before he resigned early in Baker’s first term after getting caught up in a scandal involving pressure being put on the partner of an administration employee not to run against an incumbent state lawmaker.

Despite only officially forming Monday, New Hope reported raising $17,500 earlier this month from five donors, including $10,000 from Mark Paullin, the CEO of Capstan, Incorporated in California. Doughty is president of the company’s East Coast hub Capstan Atlantic.

Paullin is not listed as having ever donated to a candidate in Massachusetts before Doughty. Other donors to New Hope include Harold Banks of West Falmouth ($1,000), Gordon Geoffrey of Norwell ($5,000) and Lynn Northern-Spanganberg of Arizona ($1,000).”


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Editor’s Note: In addition to promoting abortions and supporting Mass. abortion laws for late-term killing, Doughty voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, and says he’s looking for a new face, not Trump, to run in the next cycle.

2 Replies to “New super PAC enters GOP governor’s race Tied To Mass. Liberal Abortion-Promoting Trump-Hating Gov. Charlie Baker

  1. The Democrat candidates this year are the most out of touch ever! The candidate for state auditor highlights her pro-abortion stand. No mention of any background or ideas on auditing or bookeeping. Shannon Liss-Riordan, a candisate for attorney general has tv commercials showing her marching down a street with fist clenched in air. No talk of consumer rights or fighting crime. Riordan has another commercial on tv with Wu and Warren walking with her. Riordan is from Texas, Wu from a Chicago outer suburb and Warren from Oklahoma. They have come to the Bay State and have achieved success an election day because huge numbers of Bay Staters don’t vote.
    A few weeks back I received a phone call from someone claiming to be from a Democrat candidate for state AG. When I asked them about fighting crime and consumer rights they were dumbfounded.. They started talking about progrssiveness. Not a clue as to what the role of an AG is. Then Healey’s ads tell us she has a mother and likes playing basketball. Nothing to account for 8 years of being state AG. The decline of Massachusetts politics and rise of out of touch carpetbaggers in power is terrible.. Extreme low voter turnout and a primary on the day after Labor Day will benefit only these leftist carpetbaggers.

  2. It was on the WCVB News website this morning that the Mass Sec. of States Office said that a larger than usual amount of Independents have been asking for Republican ballots via mail or early voting. That may be a good sign that many Independents are not thrilled with Healey also.

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