Buyer Beware: Buying a House, and Voting for a Candidate – Hillary-Clinton Voting Mass. Gov. Candidate Critiqued by Neighbors

Mass. Gov. candidate Hillary, I mean, Chris (the millionaire Hillary Clinton voter) Doughty has a bit of a problem: his neighbors refuse to be silenced.

Video released by his opponent’s team, 4 minutes, 18 seconds (below)


Shocking and Disturbing New Video Exposes Chris Doughty’s Company for a Lengthy History of Terrible Air and Noise Pollution

BOSTON, Mass. — A shocking and disturbing new video released today has exposed Capstan Atlantic, Inc., run by self-funded gubernatorial candidate Chris Doughty, for a lengthy history of environmental pollution in the Wrentham, Massachusetts neighborhood where it’s located and poor treatment of the company’s neighbors.

In the video, Tim and Lynette O’Connell, whose home abuts Doughty’s company, detail a long history of air pollution and loud noise produced by the company. The pollution, they claim, is so bad that they have had to wash residue off the side of their home. They also claim the noise is excessive.

The O’Connells claim they brought these issues to the attention of Chris Doughty repeatedly in the past, to no avail. “Nobody cares,” they say of Doughty and Capstan’s management.

In the video, the O’Connells claim the issue is relevant in the race for Governor, where Chris Doughty is relying on his experience as a CEO for credibility because of his lack of a political record. “How can you trust somebody that can’t run their own business to run the state of Massachusetts?” They further admonish Doughty for having wrongfully claimed federal assistance during the pandemic and now using that money to self-fund his gubernatorial campaign, without having addressed pollution issues at the company.

Capstan Atlantic has been the subject of environmental fines in the past, as reported several months ago in the Sun Chronicle.

“Voters need to know the full story behind the people they’re voting for in the Republican Primary on September 6,” Amanda Orlando, Campaign Manager for Diehl for MA, said. “We’ve known all along that Chris Doughty is not a credible Republican on the basis of his 2016 vote for Hillary Clinton for President. Now, this damning video casts overwhelming doubt on Chris Doughty’s credibility to lead the state on the basis of being the CEO of a local company.”

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