Dear Editor

This year we have strong Republican candidates running in our district and across the state. Indeed, as many polls are showing, a red wave is coming across the nation to repudiate the failed policies of Biden and the Democratic Party. As inflation and gas prices remain high, their chances of winning re-election remain low!

Therefore, I want to ask Republican and independent voters to help complete our Republican ticket by writing in Ashley Sullivan for State Rep. on your Republican Primary ballot on September 6th. – in the 5th District towns of Rockport, Essex, Gloucester, and Manchester.

Ashley is a loving wife, mother, and small business owner of a marine electronics business called Shore Tech, which supplies the needs of many commercial and recreational fishermen, and she knows the Cape Ann fishing community. Ashley Sullivan is also chair of the Gloucester Republican City Committee and has been involved in local community issues and events, including most recently the Gloucester Bazaar, the Lobster Trap Race fundraiser sponsored by the Gloucester police department, and the ECCO forum for state rep. candidates.

Ashley Sullivan is a candidate for the people who will bring about a breath of fresh air and will seek to reverse the failed policies of Beacon Hill so that we can grow and sustain our local economy for working families on Cape Ann. Our fishing industry is being decimated, over-regulated and over-taxed. Inflation and gas prices are making it harder for families to afford groceries or make it to work. Government bureaucracy is making it difficult if not impossible to grow or start businesses. Meanwhile, politicians on Beacon Hill refuse to grant tax relief even on gasoline and are always thinking of new ways to tax and spend your money while increasing mandates on individuals and businesses. Politicians (including our own incumbent, state Rep. Ferrante) on Beacon Hill have also voted to increase their own pay at taxpayers’ expense, while our average paycheck can’t keep up with inflationary pressures!

Ashley will focus on programs that invest in small businesses that are heavily involved in the fishing industry, programs for start-ups and business expansions, and for tax relief for hardworking families and businesses that create jobs in the community! Ashley will also focus on preserving our liberties and oppose mandates that infringe on our liberties.

How can you support Ashley Sullivan? To succeed – Ashley will need 150 write in votes on the Republican primary ballot – in the towns of Rockport, Essex, Gloucester, and now Manchester – so every vote really does count! Primary Day is on September 6th, 2022. Please pull a Republican ballot and write in:

“Ashley Sullivan, 114 East Main Street, Gloucester”

and fill in the oval in the space marked

“Representative in General Court.”


If you cannot make it on Election Day, please request an absentee ballot from your local town or city clerk or go to Elections: Absentee Voting ( to learn how to request an absentee ballot.

To learn more about Ashley Sullivan, go to With your help, we will have another great Republican candidate to help us face off against the Democrats this November.



Jonathan Ring, chair

Rockport Republican Town Committee



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