Reminder: Jay McMahon Supports Law Enforcement, His Opponent is a Liar

Just some of the small listing of organizations and people who endorse Jay McMahon for Massachusetts state senate, include:

  • All the Sheriffs in the District
  • The Pembroke Police Union
  • The New England Police Benevolent Association
  • District Attorney Tim Cruz
  • The Barnstable County Correctional Officers Union
  • The Association of Plymouth County Employees Union
  • Massachusetts Taxpayers Best Ally

In contrast, his opponent makes claims that she supports law enforcement, but has sat on her hands, done nothing, except vote Democrat all the time. Also, she slid in under a cloud of shenanigans and accusations of vote fraud, which included a certain town clerk who ‘retired’ the day after the special election vote, and later admitted that 1/3rd of his poll workers were new, he did not train them, and he did not monitor them, because he was afraid of COVID, and that’s just ONE of the towns that had voting issues…..

The Boston Broadside urges everyone in Atty. McMahon’s district to get out and vote for Jay McMahon.

Here’s a recent message from Atty. McMahon:

“My opponent is being supported by Squad member Ayanna Pressley. 

The same Ayanna Pressley who supports the Green New Deal, defunding the police, open borders, socialized medicine, abolishing ICE, and a radical criminal justice reform bill that will decriminalize way too many crimes.

Why does my opponent take help from Pressley? Because, she is a card carrying member of the far left wing agenda.

Right now, the biggest issue on people’s minds is repairing our economy. My opponent thinks climate change is the top issue. That’s why she did not care to file one bill to help the economy.

We need her out of office now. Don’t you agree?

Time is running out. I still have tons of voters to convince. With the pandemic, I have not been able to use as much shoe leather as I would like. Hence, we need to run ads. Can I count on you for a last minute donation?

Your strong financial support will show that we are rejecting and going to fight the radical left wing agenda with everything we have.

I would not ask if we did not need these funds. Please let me hear from you today.”


Jay McMahon

Candidate for State Senate

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