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Rep. Tram T. Nguyen is a Reckless/Dangerous/Hate-Baiter, Again…

Did anyone catch the postings online by radical extremist-leftist Massachusetts Rep. Tram Nguyen?

This hate-baiter went on a ‘Roseanne Roseannadanna’ rant online, accusing Trump supporters of recklessly endangering a standout for Joe Biden supporters in beautiful Boxford, Mass.

Calling it a “horrible incident” in which a “driver intentionally drove into a group of volunteers holding signs for Democratic candidates,” Tram ranted on, writing in part “Enough is enough. Our racist, xenophobic bully of a President has embolded views that fly in the face of who we are. These acts are cowardly and unacceptable….”

Tram continued her rant with notes of religion, faith, sexual orientation, etc., all the touch-tones of a radical nutjob Massachusetts Democrat politician.

Fortunately, a noted member of the community checked with the Boxford Police (known to have one of the BEST departments in the area, for many reasons), and posted: “The truth is that an 87 year old woman who lives in Four Mile Village in Boxford, accidently veered off towards the volunteers. The woman, a Biden supporter, was so excited to see a Biden standout in town, lost control for a moment. She had no idea that she had frightened anyone prior to being questioned and is so sorry. “

“Please, please, please, going forward, find out the truth before making an accusation of this magnitude against the Boxford GOP.,” the well-known Boxford resident wrote.

So, for Tram, it’s just another old Saturday Night Live moment: jumping to conclusions, yelling against the innocent, accusing them of the worst, when all along Tram was an idiot, and wrong. She can fill in for Rosanne Roseannadanna any time.

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  1. Interesting as to how those labeling others as racist or xenophobic, are themselves actually the ones who are hateful, racist and xenophobic. They decry America as a racist unwelcoming place.. Yet America for centuries has been a haven and refuge for those fleeing communism and other tyrants. In many cases in recent years, those who come here receive benefits that Americans don’t qualify for. This is a sad time for American culture. Liars, haters and phonies dominate our news media. They oppose those who seek a return to a healthy working class, good jobs and a secure nation. I’m one voter who used to vote Democrat that is voting for Mr. Trump tomorrow.

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