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“NOT IN OUR BACKYARD!” Warns 3rd Generation Watertown Resident, 11th Generation Mayflower Descendant

“Were you aware of this brothel when it went in?” asks Mayflower descendant Cynthia Maloney.

Special Commentary
By Cynthia Maloney
Watertown, MA

My roots here go deep. I am an eleventh generation descendant of Peregrine White who arrived here on the Mayflower. I was born and raised in Watertown, as was my father and my grandparents before him. My grandfather was born in 1876, right where you can now catch the 57 bus. When my grandmother died in 1973 her obituary stated that she had 126 descendants, mostly born right here in Watertown. My grandfather and three of my uncles were Watertown Firefighters, and two were police. My father and three of his brothers were WWII veterans.
I’ve seen many changes over the years, and my father shared his memories of the changes he saw before I was born. But never before, in all that time had we seen changes like the ones taking place in the past five years, and more changes (and not good ones) will soon be coming as well.

All of these changes are taking place behind closed doors without community input.
Arsenal Yards began opening stores and businesses in late 2019 and was fully operational by 2022. There you will find everything anyone would need, shops, restaurants, bars, apartments, a movie theatre, fitness, health care, and of course bio-labs. It appears we are creating our own 15-Minute City, all in accordance with Agenda 21. And it will most likely be one of the first smart cities to be implemented in the United States. But maybe not so smart. Bio-labs are situated within close proximity to the apartment living spaces, (much like the ones that were bombed in Ukraine) making evacuation impossible if ever there were to be a lab leak.

In early 2020, while people sheltered in their homes, stood six feet apart, and covered their faces in a futile attempt to stay safe, a high-end brothel, whose client list included politicians, police, scientists, and doctors to name a few, was placed in the Arsenal Yards, right here in my home town. I am willing to bet the people who were members of the brothel were not standing six feet apart while they were partaking of the services offered there.

Not a stone’s throw away from where the brothel was situated (and later brought down by the FBI), there is a plaque with a bronze portrait of Mark Sideris which reads “Without Mark Sideris Arsenal Yards and all that surrounds it may not have been realized.” Judging from that testimonial in bronze I would think that Mark Sideris was aware of each, and every business that went into the Arsenal Yards.

Look at all the radical changes taking place in Watertown in recent years. All the schools are being rebuilt, the bike lanes are being put in, backing up traffic to discourage the use of cars. And now there is a going to be a 2.4 million dollar stage being built in Saltonstall Park. Doesn’t that seem exceedingly expensive for a stage? There are also more bio-labs going in at the old Edison building in the east end, and even more near the Commander’s Mansion and what is that monstrosity on Galen Street? Large apartment complexes have already gone up throughout the town and people are being packed in like sardines. And now there is talk of “rethinking Watertown Square.” Why?

Screenshot of Boston Broadside X post.

See video of Cynthia calling out her town counsel here or here.

This is not simply just happening here in Watertown, it seems every municipality in every city around the country is implementing the exact same things. Where is the money coming from? Who is funding this rapid growth? The City Council claims it is taxpayer dollars, is this how you want your tax dollars spent? While it seems there is nothing we can do to stop this steam-rolling of our town, there is. The time has come for all of us lifelong residents to start asking questions and getting the answers.

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Put your public servants on notice, as I have. Ask them to show by what authority they are making these decisions without the knowledge or consent of those they serve.  Speak up at town council and planning board meetings, challenge them and instruct those who are there to serve you. It is not only your right, it is your duty. It’s long past time for us to step up and take our town back. Will you?

Learn how to do this and more here.

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  1. Watertown is another Greater Boston community that has seen self appointed “progressives” moving to. They claim that they “discovered” the area. Even though native people and settlers settled the area many centuries before. Long time ethnic residents are priced out of these places. The sense of community leaves in favor of high rents and high priced coffee shops.

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