Boston Mayor: No Whites Welcome at Taxpayer-Funded ‘Elected of Color Holiday Party’


It’s everywhere, but just in case you haven’t seen the actual post:

By mistake, the mayor’s director of city council relations (can you imagine such a hack job), sent the invitation to a white council who questioned what was going on.

Instead of admitting that excluding whites was wrong, the Mayor and crew doubled-down, saying oops, it was a mistake that a white person got the invitation. Oh, and don’t worry, you whites have lots of other parties. You can go to one of them.

The anti-white-skinned party hit the national airwaves, but the Massachusetts State House News Service somehow missed, and continues to miss, the entire episode.  As many have noted, if the role were reversed and a white-skinned Mayor were to issue a party excluding non-whites, Boston would be burned to the ground.



3 Replies to “Boston Mayor: No Whites Welcome at Taxpayer-Funded ‘Elected of Color Holiday Party’

  1. A racist carpetbagger from a wealthy Chicago outer suburb. She got elected in an election where over 70% of registered voters didn’t vote in. Many longtime Bostonians have been driven out to the suburbs because of high rents and high crime. Now extremists like Wu get easily elected with a huge majority of voters not voting. The national press made a big deal of this story.The Boston tv news stations pretty much ignore it.

  2. It was in the Boston Herald recently as to how Mass AG Campbell ruled that Wu did nothing wrong. Campbell thinks that discriminating against people in a public owned building is fine. Then last week Wu brought up a 34 year old incident to take the story off of the news about her racism. A long as 45 to 50% of voters stay home on election day, unqualified, leftist and elitist bigots will continue to dominate state politics. Over 70% of registered Boston voters didn’t even vote in the election Wu won for mayor.

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