Mass. Republican Committee Condemns ‘I love Hitler’ Candidate – Affirms Unity in with Israel

Massachusetts Republican Committee Affirms Unity in Supporting Israel and Denounces Antisemitism

Woburn, MA – The Massachusetts Republican Committee, issuing two unanimous resolutions, introduced by State Committee member Marty Lamb, solidifies a strong united front in its unwavering commitment to supporting Israel while unequivocally condemning antisemitic statements.

 Resolution 1: Affirming Support for Israel

 In the resolution titled “Affirming Support for Israel,” the Massachusetts GOP proudly asserts its dedication to supporting Israel and standing in solidarity with Jewish Americans. Recognizing the strategic importance of the relationship between the United States and Israel, the Committee wholeheartedly supports the State of Israel.

“Be it resolved that the Massachusetts Republican Party extends its Complete and Total support to the State of Israel, the Israel Defense Forces, and the Jewish People.”

This resolution underscores the party’s commitment to supporting Israel, emphasizing the shared values that bind the two nations and signaling a united front for the Massachusetts Republican Party.

Resolution 2: Resolution of the Massachusetts Republican Committee Condemning Lori Kauffman’s Statements

In light of the persistent surge of antisemitism at home and abroad, the Massachusetts Republican Committee strongly condemns the prejudiced and antisemitic statements made by Lori Kauffman. Recognizing that such repugnant views are directly against the values of the Republican Party, the Committee takes a decisive stand against hatred and bigotry.

“Therefore, be it resolved that the Massachusetts Republican Party unequivocally condemns the prejudiced and antisemitic statements made by Lori Kauffman; Resolved that the Massachusetts Republican Party Strongly Urges that Lori Kauffman withdraw her candidacy for Republican State Committee.”

 This resolution reflects the party’s commitment to maintaining an inclusive political environment and sends a clear message that any form of discrimination has no place in the Massachusetts Republican Party.

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