Will you show up for FREEDOM and LIBERTY?
Will you protect Your children and grandchildren?
To do nothing is to agree. We don’t agree, let your voices be heard.
Pray for America. Pray we can remain the Beacon of Light and help others.

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Our lineup has been on the front line.
Let’s join them.

Selena Fitandes, Esq.

Selena Fitanides is a staff attorney at a public interest law firm in Boston where she works to promote educational choice and opportunity, open and accountable government, and economic fairness and opportunity. After receiving her J.D. from Stanford Law School in 1995, she clerked for a federal judge in Philadelphia, served as a Philadelphia Public Interest Law Fellow at the American Civil Liberties Union, and then worked at large law firms in Philadelphia and Boston. Selena stopped working fulltime after her sons were born so that she could homeschool them. During that period, she occassionally represented plaintiffs in civil rights cases and taught part-time at Boston University Law School. Since returning to full-time work last year, she has focused almost exclusively on
defending her clients’ constitutional rights.

Shannon Llewellyn

Shannon has been actively fighting to defend personal and parental rights since 2019 when Massachusetts first introduced bills to remove religious exemptions in schools. 2020 found her partnering with Catherine Vitale to identify gaps in the freedom movement that need addressing. Together they launched series of actions and campaigns in 2021 to do the things others weren’t doing, applying direct pressure to officials and encouraging others to follow their conscience, not groups. An ordinance passed in Boston April 2022, to target and silence them and their partners. They’ve been working to expose the corruption. Shannon was arrested twice for violating the unconstitutional ordinance and several of her friends. Shannon and two others remain in court with criminal charges for peacefully protesting.

Catherine Vitale

Catherine was introduced to government corruption head-on, in 2018, when DCF (Dept of Children and Families) took her children out of her custody and placed them in foster care for 5 months. After winning that excruciating battle and getting full custody of her children back, she started on her mission to reform DCF and child protective services as we know it. Catherine spent the next year volunteering for political campaigns and networking, when she quickly realized that we were all being fooled by the illusion of a two -party political system, and prioritized finding common ground and building relationships with left-wing activists. She helped organize and execute many direct-action demonstrations throughout 2021 and 2022 with Shannon Llewellyn and other activists from all
over Massachusetts. Catherine and Shannon’s activist group, We The People of MA, made many local and national headlines last year, when they began publicly shaming Boston Mayor Michelle Wu for her unlawful vaccine mandates. She has been arrested 3 times in the past year, and still has two open cases against her. In 2023, Catherine is working on building a bigger platform for We The People of MA by starting a YouTube show that is focused on having the uncomfortable conversations that are necessary for the political left and right to unite and take this war on together. She is also kicking off her campaign for Boston City Councilor At Large in the first week of May!

Carla Agrippino-Gomes

Carla, owner and general manager of Terramia and Antico Forno, grew up on her mother’s Italian cooking. Then in 1993, she opened Terramia and her perception of authentic Italian cuisine was changed forever.
The first few months after Terramia opened, she remembers were the toughest. “I didn’t realize how much work went into opening a restaurant; however, it didn’t take long for the Terramia concept to catch on.” In August 1996, three years after the opening of Terramia, Carla opened her second restaurant, Antico Forno, Cucina a Legna, across the street. Like Terramia, people flocked to Antico Forno to try the pizza and Italian rustic country fare. Carla credits Nocera and happily boasts, “Mario Nocera has singlehandedly changed the face of Italian cuisine in the North End”.
Carla and her family have gone on to open other restaurants in the North End but now find all of their hard work in jeopardy. Extraordinary harsh fees were imposed on North End restaurants, just as they struggled to recover from Covid shutdowns and business losses. Rather than help the hardworking families of the North End, Mayor Wu has launched an attack on the very people that have worked to create the neighborhood we love dearly. Don’t let it happen! This is an obvious attack on the people, ethnicity and work ethic of our beloved North End!

Come out and ROAR with us on April 26th—Free Event
Crystal Community Club – 77 Preston Street in Wakefield MA
Doors Open at 6pm the event with start at 7pm.
We will have light snacks and there is a cash bar.
Tell your friends but please – Registration is required.
Register Here!
God Bless America!



  1. Hi, I am an octogenarian, not satisfied with where our Country is at this point in our history; looking to join with others in the hope to do something about it.
    I am reaching out to potentially like-minded patriots who would like to restore many of the initiatives offered by our “Founders”. I am not an establishment republican, more of a Trump supporter. A former Tea Party member. We believed in the power of 10. Send something to 10 of your friends, who in turn send it to 10 of their friends, who in turn send it to 10 of their friends, etc., etc., ….. you quickly reach a million friends. As the Tea Party before us, Coalition building with like-minded is needed now.
    I recently (dusted off) a document which sums up what has happened to our Republic, and how to fix it. In reading it, it offered “a light at the end of tunnel” moment. Rather well written, and with a simple step to restore a “balance of power” by having Senators represent the states rather than be elected, as it was before enactment of the 17th Amendment. It is almost motivational to read the 16 page document which can be found at the following URL or attachment (#1). And, it can be achieved with simple legislation by a state (#6). Maybe starting with the states that didn’t ratify the 17th Amendment.
    What went wrong with our Republic (and How to Fix It)

    In the short term, a political fix is required. Although I would settle for a Uni-Party Republican over a Democratic Socialist, I don’t believe either is good for our country at this time. It would take a Trump-Like personality to move us toward our founding principles. The following information will reveal where many stand. You may or may not agree. Hopefully, many are on the same page. If not, thank you for reading this.
    Although there is a right to demonstrate peaceably, times have changed. The Washington DC jail is full of examples of perceived insurrectionists, where many have been stripped of all their rights as examples which satisfy the Lefts’ agenda. The alternative is a mutually assured destruction environment so crazies stop their persecution of normal’s.

    Molly Hemingway (The Federalist) on Fox News Big 5 show (4/1 at 5pm) advocated a mutual assured destruction strategy by having state Attorney Generals bring as many indictments as possible as the only way to end this.  This was also acknowledged by Vernon Jones on another cable show.  In addition, an unnamed commentator (suggested Arkansas could assist as there is a current lawsuit against Hunter Biden, possibly a child support issue; that could easily be expanded to discovery of all financial transactions.
    Mark Levin on Fox News “Life, Liberty and Levin” (4/2 at 8pm); put forth a-number-of suggestions. Great show, certainly worth watching. He is right on target. He gave up his plan to interview Trump with this special show, and offered the following suggestion:
    Trump needs to be the candidate at-this-point-in time. Trump is the only one capable of bringing the country back to its’ founding purpose.
    In the closing minutes of his show, Mark Levin reached out to all friendly Attorney Generals, District Attorneys, and prosecutors. He asked them to dust off their law books and find all creative ways to use their powers to call grand juries, use subpoena powers, and bring all the cases they can against Democrats and their supporters.
    In addition, all patriots must withdraw from challenging Trump, and endorse him. And we must find a worthy running mate to insure a win in 2024.

    Many voted for Palin, not McCain. If Palin wasn’t on the ticket. Many, would not have voted at all. Many didn’t vote because of the dislike of McCain. So, the candidate does matter.

    The main problem with Trump is not necessarily “Trump”, but the great number of other selfish politicians and non-supporters who don’t see “benefits to them personally”, rather than the country or other Americans. So, the symptom is Trumps’ so-called negatives; while the problem is all the bad mouthing from un-American, selfish want-a-be influencers.

    If the Republicans were serious about America First, they would get out there and praise their candidate in unison all the time, every day.

    I am not making a selection of Trump, however, I believe we need to understand and enumerate all the positives he has, the successes he achieved, and what he would do in the future. It is very difficult to find a candidate that has done so much for America and all of its’ citizens. And is our best shot at taking our country back. But it is not clear if he could be re-elected.

    To digress, Trumps’ popularity spans all demographics. Improvements have been had-for all. He received more votes the second time, than the first time. The lack of Republican unity, and a gameplan to deliver votes after the rules changed were also main contributors to his demise. Along with the lack of support from the selfish want-a-be influencers to pursue voting irregularities. As well as all the Trump Haters who fueled their wish that Trump would lose.

    Another digression is to counter the point that DeSantis has Governor experience, while Trump had none. Currently, Trump has 4 years’ experience with a government 50 times larger than DeSantis. And by all measures more complex and political than anything DeSantis has experienced in his 4+ years as a Governor. However, if Trump was not in office, it is uncertain if DeSantis could have been so bold or had the cover to get away with all he did. A careful analysis would reveal a-number of short comings. Nevertheless, DeSantis is a formidable candidate. Unfortunately, many of his praises are coming from those who don’t want to see Trump re-elected. Not much different than Democrats voting in Republican primaries, and sometimes in general elections to elect those easier for them to control and thereby realize their goals as selfish want-a-be influencers.
    I believe Trump is the only candidate bold enough to enjoy respect around the world, keep us safe, grow our economy and wealth, provide opportunities for every American citizen, build our patriotism, eliminate discrimination, protect and educate our children, remove bias and provide equality, define right from wrong, and remove criminals; as well as protecting our discoveries, secrets, and our businesses. Each of these subjects can be expanded into any number of topics or objectives.

    The question remains, can the Republican party stand up to lofty goals, and unite behind an idea to return our country to “We the People”, “Patriotism “, and “America First”; with equal opportunity.

    The candidate does matter, but I believe it is almost more important to lay out a plan, and then find a candidate who can help us achieve it. Trump made this exercise easy for us.

    As-of-the-moment a “Trump/DeSantis Ticket” may be an electable team; if we can get the selfish want-a-be influencers to do what is best for America. And a “Get-Out-The-Vote” effort, second to none.

  2. The failure of National Political Action was proven by the Tea Party revolution. All the newly elected congressmen promptly got sucked into the DC swamp. We need local action and community involvement. We need patriots who will do the chores and work to improve the lowest levels of government: Town, City and County. ROAR, Freedom Rings, Pembroke Rising, United Cape Patriots and CORR are organizations that bring people together to encourage each other. has a proven plan to empower local action.

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