Members of MassGOP State Committee Issue Demand Letter to Pursue Vigorous Prosecution of Treasurer Patrick Crowley


 April 24, 2023

To: Chair, MassGOP And Republican State Committee

Greetings, Mrs. Carnevale and members of the State Committee. Massachusetts law requires that before a minority of the members of an organization may assert rights on behalf of the whole, they must make a demand for action upon the decision-makers of the committee.

This demand letter hereby serves notice that the minority of the committee believes that the interests of the State Republican Party require the continuation and vigorous prosecution of the pending suit in relation to the Treasurer, Patrick Crowley.

Among other concerning allegations, beyond the intentional interference, is the evidence the Party’s officers, its Treasurer in particular, hampered the Party’s mission and hamstrung fundraising and mismanaged its finances. Getting to the bottom of this matter is necessary for the Party to move forward into the future. Indeed, lawsuits are the process for seeking truth and settling disputes.

The underlying reason why case law allows for derivative suits to proceed is circumstances as presented in the matter at hand where the directors, and officers of the committee are not acting in the best interests of the organization. The law requires that, before the Committee preempts a derivative suit it must be able to articulate a good business reason and a sound policy judgment, for its decision to end the litigation.

We make this statement after having reviewed the report by the independent counsel Chair Carnevale hired to review the matter. We cannot conceive of a sound business reason that the MassGOP should not vindicate its name and absolve itself of financial misconduct. Clearly Chair Carnevale and the press agree that the financial situation of the Party is of critical importance given the number of recent news stories about the dire straits in which the Party finds itself.

At root of the financial woes of the MassGOP are two problems, (1) an organized effort to disrupt party operations and divert fundraising into other political entities such as PACs beholden not to ideals but to external special interests. (2) financial mismanagement by the Treasurer. There is no justification and it cannot possibly be in the best interests of the Party to fail to rectify, and hold accountable those responsible for the root cause of the current financial problems. Attempting to move forward while ignoring the issue, as Chair Carnevale proposes, runs the risk that the Party would become completely irrelevant to political discourse in the future.

By this demand letter we serve notice that we will intervene and continue prosecution of the suit against Mr. Crowley and his associates, unless the Committee itself vigorously prosecutes the action.




Dennis Galvin

First Middlesex

Kathy Lynch

First Middlesex

Sue Dunnell

Middlesex & Worcester

Steve Fruzzetti

Norfolk, Bristol & Plymouth

Todd Taylor

Middlesex & Suffolk

Regina Taylor

Middlesex & Suffolk

Jay McMahon

Plymouth & Barnstable

Tony Ventresca

Fourth Middlesex


Evelyn Curley

Second Essex & Middlesex

Brendon O’Connell

Second Suffolk


John Umina

Second Suffolk and Middlesex

Paul Ronukaitus

First Suffolk and Middlesex


Geoff Diehl

Second Plymouth and Bristol

KathyJo Boss

Second Plymouth and Bristol


Amanda Orlando

First Essex & Middlesex

Marie Bergeron



Robert Auferio

Fifth Middlesex

Lynne Roberts

Norfolk & Suffolk


Marty Lamb

Second Middlesex & Norfolk

Aaron Packard

Worcester & Middlesex


Maria Collins

First Plymouth & Bristol

Rich Baker

First Essex & Middlesex


Jim Dixon

hird Middlesex

Steve Zykofsky

Third Essex


Joyce Kelly

First Suffolk and Middlesex

Jim Lyons

Former MassGOP Chair

Susan Huffman

First Middlesex & Norfolk

Maureen Maloney

Worcester & Norfolk


Deb Martell

First Hampden & Hampshire


Brian Genest

Second Essex & Middlesex

2 Replies to “Members of MassGOP State Committee Issue Demand Letter to Pursue Vigorous Prosecution of Treasurer Patrick Crowley


    Amy and her ilk want to sweep the whole crime of what the Treasurer did by shutting down the MassGOP accounts and what the Baker PAC did by diverting the people’s contributions made to Republicans to Democrats against Conservative Republicans under the rug like they did the Kirsten Hughes’ theft of 98% of Republican contributions for their lavish living.

    I’m glad someone is trying to hold their feet to the fire!!!

    If the Republican victims of Massachusetts don’t have justice through you and other Conservative State Committee members, and don’t have the exposure of The Broadside and other media outlets, the RINO criminals will just keep up their criminal activity until they are held accountable, or there’s only one-party rule by the hand foreigners like the United Nations and China via the Democratic Party and the conquered Republican Party (the MassGOP under Amy Carnevale).

    “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but be-cause of the people who don’t do anything about it.”–Albert Einstein

    Thank you for all you do and God Bless!

    Steve Tougas, State Vice President,
    Massachusetts Republican Assembly

  2. According to my view of OCPF financial reporting data the ‘Massachusetts Republican State Committee’ ended Q1 on March 31, 2023 with a balance of -$123.00 in the bank. The Baker-RINO faction of the MassGOP “Republican” State Committee must be defeated on the Super Tuesday Presidential Primary election on March 5, 2024. Help us defeat them. Url below.

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