Liz Warren and Ed Markey – The Case for Term Limits

Liz Warren and Ed Markey – The Case for Term Limits


by Warren P. Russo

Exploring the topic of term limits for elected representatives is an easy task, considering all the examples we have of the need for adding this element to the U.S. Constitution. Two politicians stand out, however, and as luck would have it, both obtain their sustenance from the taxpayers of Massachusetts.

Incredibly, one of them – Liz Warren – isn’t even from Massachusetts! Hard to believe the Bay State is so bereft of worthless pols that we now import carpetbaggers to represent us in the U.S. Senate.

What impels Massachusetts voters to elect people from elsewhere who know nothing about our people, our problems, or our geography? Recently, we’ve had one governor from Michigan (Mitt Romney), another from Illinois (Deval Patrick) and a third from New York State (Charlie Baker).

Now comes Liz Warren, a two-bit teacher going nowhere in Oklahoma who one day decides to become a Native American because of her high cheekbones, and checks that box on a Harvard University faculty application.

Voila! Harvard heralded her as their first feathered warrior, gave her a huge salary to teach a single class plus a free mortgage for her Cambridge castle.

Interestingly, she changed her ethnicity back to Caucasian once on board the faculty at Harvard, which let the issue die quietly to avoid further embarrassment.

Then there’s old Ed Markey – always happy to ride the coattails of anyone on the way up. Ed loves living the D.C. high life on the taxpayers’ dollar, and his Massachusetts address is nothing more than a mail drop because he hasn’t lived there in years. Insiders quip that he needs a map to find his old neighborhood.

Only Hawaii, New York and California are more expensive than Massachusetts, which earned an “F” score last year for cost of living, and Ed Markey is one of the reasons.

Markey is the poster boy for term limits. After four years in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Markey spent 20 terms in Congress as a representative, then moved up to the Senate, where he’s been warming a seat for the last 11 years – a total of 50+ years feasting lavishly at the government’s finest troughs.

They say voters generally get the government they deserve. Once in a while, though, it might be nice to get the government that the rest of us deserve.

Warren P. Russo, a retired U.S. Navy officer, is a veteran journalist and political columnist who writes from Plum Island, Massachusetts. Reach him via


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  1. Our founders gave us term limits-frequent elections. A term-limit amendment may get the like of Markey and Warren in 12 years out of office, but the majority of voters would send people either as bad or worse as Markey and Warren.

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