MA Republican Senator Lets Us Down…Again


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February 2, 2024


Last night, the Massachusetts State Senate voted for one of the most extreme anti-gun bills in the United States. The bill passed 37-3.

But it gets worse. Republican Senator Bruce Tarr, who is the Senate Minority Leader, voted WITH the Democrats.

With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

I served as a State Representative for 8 years. Before an important vote, the Republican House Minority Leader’s office would typically send us Republican Representatives a briefing on the legislation, which includes research on the legislation, and why it is a good idea to vote for or against the specific bill of the day.

That makes you wonder: was the Republican Minority Leader encouraging the other three Republican Senators to vote with the Democrats as well? If so, I applaud the three Republican Senators who were the lone votes against this horrible bill.

KathyJo and I have two daughters. Whenever the politicians on Beacon Hill vote for even more gun control, while at the same time vote for laws to allow criminals back on the streets, I worry for the safety of my daughters and their ability to defend themselves.

KathyJo and I are not hunters. We aren’t avid sportsmen. But self-defense is a human right, and we have taken our daughters to the local sportsmen club to train them about firearm safety and handling.


If you were ever in Boy Scouts, like I was, one of the many skills you learned was the basics of gun safety. If this bill becomes a law, lessons such as that will now be illegal.

Other bad parts of this bill include:

Essentially bans hunting on private property.

Bans anyone under 15 from training or shooting sports.

Mandatory serialization and registration of all feeding devices not just magazines.

Any changes or repairs to a gun must be approved by the state.

The definition of “Firearm” would mean any gun, frame, receiver or barrel.

Enough is enough. We need more Republican Senators and Representatives, ones who will vote Republican on issues, unlike many of our current elected officials like Senator Bruce Tarr.

To do this, we need a Republican Party that aggressively recruits candidates, and provides resources to support these candidates.

That’s why KathyJo and I are running for Republican State Committee. The Republican Establishment, like Senator Bruce Tarr, has failed you and would rather align with the Democrats than you. Help us elect Republicans who align with YOU.


Join our team, consider donating to our campaign, and encourage your friends and family to vote for Diehl and Boss for Republican State Committee on March 5th.

As always, thank you for your support.

Geoff Diehl

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2 Replies to “MA Republican Senator Lets Us Down…Again

  1. Voting isn’t enough.

    When Bruce Tarr comes to your RTC meetings looking to shake hands or solicit donations, he needs to be laughed at, confronted, and made uncomfortable (at a minimum) based on his blatantly unconstitutional voting history on Beacon Hill. Senator Tarr is a graduate of Suffolk Law and earned a J.D. He knows (or is supposed to know) the Constitution, and furthermore is charged with upholding it when passing legislation and representing the People.

    Bruce Tarr is either completely ignorant (which wouldn’t be surprising considering the mental state of our elected officials), or he is playing political games with our lives. Representatives like him would rather vote for the destruction of our rights than face the prospect of — god forbid — losing support of the establishment, which is needed for Republicans to get elected in Massachusetts.

    Don’t be nice to him when he comes around. It’s the least we can do for his “support”.

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