Rep. Paul Frost Rips MassGOP Chair – Calls for Removal of MassGOP Member for Not Supporting Homosexual Marriage/Childrearing

EDITOR’S NOTE: There’s a little storm brewing on the MassGOP State Committee, the 80-member governing board of the Republican Party in Massachusetts. One member dared to express (privately) that she would not support a homosexual man running for office who, with his “husband” adopted children. A devout Catholic and follower of thousands of years of human history, she believes that it is not appropriate to, by its makeup, deny a child the right to have a mommy.

First thing the candidate did was threaten, via e-mail, the MassGOP Chair Jim Lyons to get that MassGOP member removed from the state committee. That’s right, the candidate attempted to BLACKMAIL via e-mail the MassGOP chair.

The candidate stated that if Lyons did not remove the dissenting member, the candidate would rain down hell on the Republican Party – and he did so, fulfilling his promise to create and release videos tearing into the MassGOP, the Massachusetts Family Institute, Renew MA, and other for supporting what has been termed “traditional marriage – a mother and a father.”

The candidate then went on extensively with an interview to the liberal Boston Globe (promoter of all things LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ). The candidate then went on to post an online fundraising campaign based on the Globe article.

We still haven’t heard from the candidate why he believes two daddies are the same as a mother and a daddy. All we’ve seen is that he wants to cancel and brand as as hate-speech and remove and destroy anyone who disagrees with him. He went on to give video interviews last week.

Now comes liberal Republican Rep. Paul Frost who agrees with the candidate, and a non-friend of the MassGOP…

Below is Rep. Paul Frost’s 3:24 a.m e-mail to all MassGOP State Committee members, ripping the MassGOP chair for not taking action to remove a member who disagrees with Rep. Frost on the issue of family. Specifically, that member believes that adults shouldn’t deny a girl the right to have a mommy. Rep. Frost believes that is hate-speech. That a little girl, adopted by two homosexuals is the same as being adopted into a family that gives her both a mother and a father.

—–Original Message—–

From: Paul Frost []

Sent: Saturday, June 5, 2021 3:24 AM

To:; Jim Lyons

Cc entire state committee:

Subject: Lyons’ statement

Chairman Lyons:

I have read your sorry excuse of a response to the letter sent to you from the Massachusetts Republican House Caucus. Hiding from your responsibility as a leader of the Party using religion is unacceptable and cowardly.

Is the devoted Catholic woman aware the Roman Catholic Church calls for treating homosexual individuals with respect and sensitivity? None of which she did as a sitting member of this committee towards a gay Republican candidate for office.

Religion is no excuse to say the things she said not only to others but also directly to Mr. Sossa-Paquette.  Openly attempting to find another Republican candidate to primary him and to keep him from speaking at an event solely because he is gay has nothing to do with religious freedom.

Her comments were more than expressing her faith as an individual. She was attempting to keep him from the General Election Ballot based on hate. She is sickened he adopted children and had no issue doubling down on it.

There is no lense where this is acceptable by a political organization. A political organization founded on equal rights. She is a member of a board of directors using her position to spout hate and purge individuals such as Mr. Sossa-Paquette from running for office as Republicans.

My House Republican colleagues who signed that letter aren’t asking you to remove a deeply devoted Catholic woman. We are calling on you to ask a hateful individual to resign and make it clear to one and all this Party of Lincoln doesn’t accept her comments and she doesn’t speak for us. 

If her faith and free speech opposed Jewish individuals, would you be making these same excuses Jim? Would you wash your hands of it and say you don’t get involved in intra-party fights? Would we need to respect her religious freedoms and free speech then?

Imagine if she or anyone else was coordinating an effort to prevent someone from appearing on the General Election Ballot or prevent them from speaking at a political event solely because the candidate was Jewish. Or maybe because they where black. But because an individual is gay, that’s okay with you? That doesn’t cross a line?

Your continued failure to properly address this matter is appalling.

Paul Frost

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